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Fucked Over In Taipai



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I spent some time working in Taiwan back a few years. I recall the first couple of weeks we stayed in interim accommodation while we waited for serviced apartments. The interim accommodation was pretty old and tired but it had a good bar. And, they had a resident W/L but I’m sure they didn’t know it.


I’d only been there about a week and was feeling particularly pissed off with the whole thing – the project had started off atrociously and the expats were a bunch of arseholes – everyone positioning to increase the size of their cake – typical project start-up tactics. Sitting in my room one night doing some stuff for work the next day, when there was a little tap on the door. On opening the door, to my astonishment, there was a babe giving me the finger through the loop sign, it looked quite ridiculous but its meaning was clear enough. The next few moments were odd. My head started to race and I realised I was horny but it had been suppressed. She was hot and I was heating up. The trouble was the babe didn’t speak a work of English. I’m still not sure how we completed the negotiation but it was with a little help from her continuously trying to get her fingers into my wallet as she repeated US dollar, US dollar. I didn’t have any US dollar and she soon realised it. She must have had some knowledge of exchange rates as she indicated with her fingers still in my wallet $300. I pulled out $200 and was utterly determined not to budge. She bypassed me and continued negotiations direct with little Flexi who spoke to me of some good reasons to capitulate.


I’d only just had a shower so we were straight into it. With some nice kissing, we ripped each others cloths off. I reckon we landed on the bed, in CG, in a single movement. No foreplay for this nameless babe. After a bit of pleasant enough grinding away and sucking on her modest tits I started having all these hideous thought like being set up by someone I was working with – like I said they were arseholes. It started to make more sense the longer we ground then little Flexi deflated faster than a balloon on a pin cushion. All I wanted at that moment was for miss nameless to be out of my sight. Of course all my imaginings were quite groundless but it had caused my punting in Taiwan to get off to a forgettable start - $300 for a 10 minute punt.


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