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October 2010 - 39 Tope Street (Yoyo) - Oral Champion



There are three things that must be said about Yoyo:


She is physically very attractive.

This young Korean lady is about medium height or slightly less and is very slender with long dark brunette hair. She has a very bushy bush on her pelvic region which leads to a fully shaven, very tight pussy underneath and her feet are very soft and ticklish. Her face is very pretty but not beautiful and her enhanced breasts would be about a B-cup. She is extremely petit and I feel she is in jeopardy of snapping every time I give her a cuddle. Her persona is shy but friendly and her English is very rudimentary.


Her DFK is outstanding.

Yoyo only has one style of kissing, full on. As a kissing partner I feel it’s a combination of lip kissing and giving her tongue a BJ. Immediately the kissing began she placed her tongue deep inside my mouth and even when our lips disengaged she left her tongue inside my mouth enabling me to suck on it. The entire time we were in mish she made her soft lips and wet tongue available.


Her BBBJ is outstanding.

As I said before it may well be, in fact it probably is, the best BBBJ I've ever experienced. There is something magical about this girls BJ skills. It feels like heaven and it's so hard when it becomes necessary to ask her to stop. If I didn't though, I'd be finished my 30 minute booking in 10 minutes. The way she sucks the knob while she very gentle runs her tiny hands along the shaft. The way she takes it deep down her throat with out the gagging and often unpleasant pressure felt that goes with deep throat.


Yoyo is here until about 20 November.


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