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Chloe @ LFG. Released March 2009



Made the trip down to LFG following recent reports of new ladies. Was kinda hoping to see Kelly or Charlotte but that was not meant to be.


There were 3 ladies to tempt me. I can only recall 2 of them being Mia and Chloe. Both intro'd well and were, at the end, vying for my attention, company and cash. Mia came across cute and sultry and was very close to being picked. In the end I opted for Chloe; she was what I wanted on the day.


Chloe is a short little thing standing at approx 5' nothing. Australian, 30ish, short light brown hair, very slim (about a 6) with size A pluses. Nice long legs for her size.



Paid my dues and we went upstairs for usual pre shag routine routine including inspection. Yeah, I actually got one.


Chloe took it all off except her boots which looked real fab. Started with a back massage as I was a little sore in the neck. Was OK. Turned over and the massage continued with some attention now being paid to the little fella. Chloe then proceeded to get the condom out. Whoa, slow down gal as I politely tell Chloe I am hungry and would like to reciprocate some the attention she paid me.


Slide around into DATY position and proceed to whet my appetite. I must admit it wasn't overly enjoyable. Firstly, Chloe is natural - she ain't a forest but hey, I am not a fan of trees. Secondly, I have been having a great run with DATY and experiencing sweet, balsamic delights which was not the case here. There was, I detected, a scent that was not to my liking. It wasn't as bad as some cover songs of classic hits I have heard but still, enough to unsettle me and not enjoy the DATY.


Onto the back for some cowgirl action. By now I just wanted to finish the gig and get off the stage. Bit of a problem with tight fitting condom but soon we were ready. Started and finished in cowgirl. Cleaned up, had shower, and left.


Thanks for listening.


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