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Mia @ Grosvenor. Released March 2009



Looking back on this punt I still smile fondly as I think of Mia and the effect she had on me when she strutted in for the intro. She is not my usual type - whatever that means - and in all honesty, I probably wouldn't give her a second glance in the street. Yet when I saw Mia she shone as brightly as the sun that was guiding me to the Grosvenor and lit up a somewhat dimly lit intro room.


The selection sounds easy enough I hear you say but it wasn't for a while there. Five gals on offer and as complicated as buying a pair of running shoes these days. All of them were friendly, approached me, touched me, kissed me and chatted to me. I had a choice that included Cindy and Violet, both Asians, and very affectionate and sexy. They tantalised and teased and even though they failed the DATY check-box, they were in contention. Then there was Gracie, a gorgeous little pocket rocket who was refreshing and natural and very, very inviting. And then there was Mia.


Good day sunshine, good day sunshine


Mia came in the room and captivated me. Her walk, her cheeky smile, her attitude, her laugh. She exuded a natural beauty, sexiness, confidence and a whole lotta love. Not to mention curves in all the right places and breasts as wonderful as Mt Everest. Yep, Mia had chosen herself today and I knew without any doubt I would be in for a trippy time.


With gal selection and finances settled, we make our way upstairs to our spacious room. Mia tells me to make myself comfortable and pops out. In and out of the shower I go and await to experience the 8th natural wonder of the world. I adopt my best sexiest man alive pose on the bed with towel strategically placed. She enters and there is a smile on my face. Mia disrobes and I freeze in awe (and delight) of her breasts, nipples and aureoles.


We lie on the bed, chat a bit and engage in foreplay consisting of kissing, touching, strokeplay and bodily exploration. Mia feels and tastes good. I kiss her all over: her ears, shoulders, back, navel, thighs, legs, ankles, toes - as I try to find her sweet spot. Ah-ha, I find it, and she laughs. Mia is moist as I now engage in a fantastic DATY session. The visuals and taste are exquisite. I roll over and she begins the body slides. The feel of her body and breasts against me feels exotic. Another roll over and Mia shows her oral skills. She is a true master as she works my shaft and my balls. I am in heaven as I ask her to continue for a while.


On with the connie for a CBJ which doesn't disappoint either. I am close to coming (again) and ask Mia to finish me off orally. And she did. And did it so well. I was a totally satisfied tripper.


If I see this wonderful woman in an intro again, there will be a next time.


Simply Mia

Nationality: Australian

Age: 30-35

Hair: dark brown, straightish, shoulder length

Size: 12-14

Shape: classically curvaceous

Breasts: D-E with beautiful, big, dark nipples

Pussy: trimmed, moist and finger licking good

DFK: included

DATY: included

Oral skills: heavenly

Attitude: friendly, confident, bubbly, fun, sexy, erotic


Thanks for listening


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