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Ana @ Barabings. Released March 2010



I was feeling rather peckish and in the mood for Barabings. I had called early in the day to see who was on and maybe secure a booking but couldn’t get through. I figured I’d make the tip anyway, sans reservation, and see what’s on the menu.


I was alone, I took a ride, I didn't know what I would find there


I am greeted at the door by my fave maître d’ Teesh. We chit-chat a while and run through the culinary delights on offer including Bambi, Hannah, Eliah and Ana. I was excited in anticipation when I heard Ana was available cos I had heard so much about her. But rather than order there and then on the spot I decided to go with the intros. All the girls seemed fab and in the end was tossing up between the deer carpaccio and Ana au natural.


I find it’s always interesting when you meet and see the gals you have read about in reviews. Even with the great descriptions provided I somehow picture them differently. Hmmmm it’s a bit like us punters too I guess: all good looking like Brad Pitt, young and slim.


Ooh, then I suddenly see you, ooh, did I tell you I need you


There was no disappointment at all with Ana. She plated up deliciously - attractive, about 5”5, shoulder length dark hair, size 8-10 body and would be in her mid 20’s.


Got to get you into my life


The entrée starts with a back massage. Great pressure and very sensual right from the start. Ana is an expert in her craft and I notice she bastes me with light drizzles of oil. Sometimes less is more and this enhances the experience and accentuates the body contact and feel. Doesn’t take long for Ana to completely strip down to reveal herself and wow, this gal is breastacular and rumpalicious.


Time for the main course and it’s just as tasty as the entrée. Ana just keep on looking and getting better doing slipping and sliding as I indulge in some side orders of digital exploration and DATY. I am thoroughly enjoying the feast before me and savouring every taste. Alas, Ana is too good - I misread the tingle sensations and unfortunately I blow a just bit too early. Oh what a feeling anyway.


A clean up and a back massage for dessert completes my fine dining experience with this fabbest of fab gals who oozes sensuality and deserves her place on the Barabings’ specials board.


Thanks for listening


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