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October 2010 - 39 Tope Street (Yoyo) - Oral Expert




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Reading recent compelling reviews by some of the boys had taken it's toll. 39 Tope Street was going to be my next punt location. It was Thursday 14/10 and I was already on the way to 39 Tope. I called the geezer on the desk and he informed that Rachael wasn't in until tomorrow, but he had a very nice girl called Yoyo, OK so Yoyo was going to be my next punt. I asked the geezer if I could make a booking for 12:15pm and he said sure. I would have felt more convinced he meant it, if he'd asked my name.


I arrived at 12:15pm as planned and he tells me Yoyo will only be 10 minutes. No probs. He seemed like an ok young bloke, friendly and talkative. He was eating his lunch and I was dying of hunger smelling his barbequed chicken and roast spuds. I was expecting to wait more than 10 minutes but it was my lucky day, it was 10 minutes on the knocker.


The other young guy took me to the room and said something I missed. No sooner had I completed undressing and Yoyo was knocking on the door, a cute touch. Shortly after we were in the shower with Yoyo washing me all over. It felt very nice as she massaged soap all over the old fella and the boys and around the back side as well. She gave me a couple of pecky little kisses which was a worry. I got out of the shower and dried off while she completed what ever she did behind the shower curtain.


The room was tiny but seemed clean and the mirrored wall later proved useful. I was expecting something like that fucking dump Madame Leona's so 39 Tope was a pleasant surprise.


Yoyo was a very pretty young Korean girl with long dark hair and very pale skin. I don’t think I saw any tatts or piercings but she had a small amount of acne around the jaw bone area but it was minor and not off-putting. She was about medium height, very slim with pleasant sized enhanced breasts.


I laid on the bed while Miss Yoyo dried her petit, tight body. I was enjoying the display and really enjoyed the bush, an unfortunate rarity these days. She jumped on the bed and started licking me; nipples, belly, legs, knees and nuts. This transformed in a superb blow job. Yoyo nearly finished the booking before it had begun with that very skilful BJ. It’s hard to describe exactly what made it so great but it was absolutely standout.


As painful a necessity as it was, I asked her to desist, she looked bemused but I was never going to get two shots into 30 minutes and there was much work left to do. I guided her to lay on top so we could get to the kissing. Wow, what a full-on kisser she turned out to be. Her DFK was very Tamika-like (of Butterflys) full length of thick tongue rammed inside the mouth and good movement of the mouth and lips. This was the first really uninhibited full-on DFK I’d experienced with an Asian girl and there was no rush at all. For that very reason, it was as psychologically exciting as it was physically.


Next was my turn for a taste of that cute, little, fur burger. I enjoyed exploring Yoyo's Yoni. It was compact and the bush was good for tickling the nose. She made some cute/sexy groaning sounds but my inner punt clock was starting to make me feel a little rushed so I didn't stay down there as long as I'd have liked.


We moved to mish and strangely I didn't have to ask, she just put her legs together. Clever girl, my fav. With this snug position and Yoyo's tight pussy and yummy tongue in my mouth lil Flexi came in for a very smooth landing off a short runway.


After a very quick shower I was out the door. I assume they include the first shower on the 30 minutes which is fair enough given the girl is there with you scrubbing your nuts. It does make the booking go very quickly though. I guess it increases their throughput too.


All in all Yoyo was a pretty young lady with a fantastic BJ style and fantastic DFK style. I’d definitely recommend Yoyo.


Source: 39 Tope Street - October 2010 - Yoyo


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