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At Michelles - Lena - xx/12/09



Description of lady.


ethnic origin - Half-Maori, half European

estimated age or age range - Early 20s

estimated height - 5'8

body shape (slim, curvy, etc.) - atheletic, shapely bum

estimated body size (eg size 8) and/or weight (kg), - 65 kg

skin colour - light chocolate brown

hair length & colour - long black/brown hair

attractiveness of face - seductive, pretty face

size of boobs (natural or enhanced), - B-cupped perfect breasts

pussy shaved, trimmed or jungle, - waxed

comments on personality - cheerful, enthusiastic

Service: Did not ask about extras but let you touch her breasts


Price structure: $190 for 1 hour as per At Michelles


Lena was amazing.

I did not expect her to give such a service when I met her in the door but picked her because she was very attractive.

Her massage started with my facedown and I was not allowed to look up as she licked my back and my ears.


She had her own way of leading the session and she gave a fantastic massage with lots of surprises like blindfolding me at one point

and kissing my nipples.


She gave a great reverse slide and let me cum twice in the 1 hour session.


There was no extra money handed over at any stage.



She gave the best rub and tug I've had for a very long time. Unfortunately she works infrequently as she does not live in Sydney

but do not pass her up. She sets a new standard for rug and tugs!

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