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"S" - October 2010, first visit - one of the single greatest punts of my life!





(disclaimer: this review was written the day after, but im posting it a few days later again. Its also a massively lengthy review, my apologies)


I dont really know how to begin this, as its a slightly different punt. Yesterday I had maybe the most FANTASTIC punt of my young but still quite experienced punting career. I'm even more so amazed I think that, since I didnt come at all (not for her lack of trying) and she was completely not my normal "type", I usually go for the more exotic, darker featured spanish/south american and asian women.


(Skip if you want to get straight to the Sex details)


So i'll start at the beginning. I sometimes like to follow the path less trodden (and following Madmicks adventures, sometimes you can be greatly rewarded). So last August, I found this girl on the internet, we exchanged pics and emails, and tried to meet up, but weren't able to. Afterwards she sent me a few more emails asking if I still wanted to meet oneday, but I never replied.


To be honest, I wasn't really that interested, I smelt a scam. QLD sex industry laws, far from making us more regulated, make it more a hotbed for scams and bad dodgy punts. It wasn't really her pics, which looked quite good and not overly fake. It was how she talked in her emails, she just seemed too good to be true. Here in QLD, normally that means either she looks nothing like her pics, or did but 10 years ago, or the service will be terrible, maybe shes a junkie, or its a complete scam and worse case scenerio you could end up bonked on the head and fleeced of your valubles. My Spidey senses told me to stay away, so I did.


Well, about a week ago, to hell with the spidey sense, I tried to get in touch with her again. Following being completely frustrated with not being able to a decent punt the previous weekend (damn qld, and another story all together). She got back to me. Then proceeded 15-20 emails of trying to arrange to meet her, with her cancelling once or twice, with good notice, I have to say. I wasn't expecting much by this stage. but when she finally gave me an address and a time, I thought I might as well go, after all the work I'd put into trying to arrange the booking.


So I show up to her quite nice apartment building in the afternoon, with the thought that if anything is 'off', I'll just say my apologies and leave at the door. Nervously I head upstairs to her door, still very much expecting a scam or something dodgy. I knock on her door, and she opens the door but hides behind it, and I think DAMN, I'm going to have to walk in to see what she looks like. My spidey senses are going completely nuts, something feels wrong, but what the hell! a punt is a punt, so I walk in, tense and expecting the worse.


She closes the door behind her, I turn around to see her and im STUNNED!!! absolutely and utterly stunned!! behind the door is this gorgeous, gorgeous creature. A goddess, a glamour, whatever you want to call it, simply one of the most stunning women I've seen in my life, period! In fact she's so simply stunning, Im looking behind me for a scam still and for the muscle to come out and bombyknock me on the head and rob me!


(I know these words have been bandied about on this forum with some heated discussion, and I'm a very long time lurker and this is my first review here. But I have many a review to post soon and people will soon get to know I'm quite a hard marker and often I mark girls harder than others would).


(Start of the mostly Sex details)


Anyway, back to the review. She was dressed in a black g-string, heels and a matching bra as I requested. Light brown to red hair, peaches and cream complexion with amazing green eyes and about 5'8" or so. A size 10 body, slim but curvy with great hips and a lovely butt, and an absolutely amazing all natural C sized Rack or so. Completely not my type, but some women are just so attractive, your type goes out the window! By this stage I realise theres no immediate scam and in my mind I'm thinking maybe the service won't be so great seeing as shes a complete hottie and i'm only paying $500 for 2 hours. But who cares, she seriously would leave some 800/hr private Sydney escorts in the dust with her looks. There's worse things than fucking a total knockout for 2 hours. :P


We head down to her lounge for a drink and a chat first, and I quickly realise this girl isn't really a professional WL as such, she's just an everyday girl who loves to play and likes some extra money. I get the distinct impression that if she hadn't liked my manner or pics in the emails, or didnt like me at the door or during our chat, I'd be the shown the door out! I also realise all the emails and stalling was her way of seeing if she'd like me and to weed out the time wasters and to see who is really genuine. This is a girl that only fucks those she wants to, money seems to be secondary.


We head into the bedroom, and she starts by dropping to her knees and, as I'd requested in the emails before, giving me one of the greatest, long, slow, deep blowjobs i've ever had. So much for me expecting that the service would be awful! What proceeds next is an intense sex filled, passionate, crazy hour, concluding with us both dripping in sweat, she looked liked she'd jumped in a swimming pool! She excuses herself to get up to dry herself off, and on wobbly legs goes to the bathroom and proceeds to crash into a few things trying to dry herself. A total turn on and ego boost for me I have to say. I know people, My work life is more about reading people and cutting through the bullshit, business is people, as they say. What I mean is this girl is absolutely real, theres no fakeness or acting going on.


Because of this, I'd have to say it was more a sex buddy experience, and like any sex buddy or girlfriend, as much as she wanted to please me and my demands, sometimes she got carried away and ended up pleasuring herself. Far from a negative, to me it was totally intoxicating to be able to make such a hottie get so wet and so turned on.


After the first hour and a break, I still hadn't come, I was still completely stunned at my good fortune, and for some reason that was making it impossible for me to get over the edge. She then proceeded to try her hardest for the next hour to make me cum, the poor girl thinking for some reason that I didnt like her, much to my protests. Never in my life have I wished so much that I would just cum! I was praying to the Lord, Allah, Buddha, Hugh Hefner but alas no one would answer my prayer. :lol:


My time ended with me nearly having to ask her for a time out, I might not have cum, but she had won, I'm completely killed and ruined and mumbling like an idiot. I have a shower and I'm so completely worked up still, that i'm sweaty and dripping still afterwards. I leave her place on weak, wobbly legs, knowing I've been conquered. I thought I was a sex maniac, but this girl might be the death of me.


Anyway, here I am very early the next morning, and against better judgement and my health, I will try later to arrange another booking to see her today, to finish what she started!


Unfortunately guys, she's not advertising anymore, it was only for a few days, and she used a site with an email service that didnt give you her real email address, untill she contacted me back. She also requested again that I be very discreet as no one knows about her other source of income. I know if I reveal her details, she will just stop all together and my one fantastic punt will remain that, not more.


I do get the feeling though, if I get to know her more she might be amendable to some selective clients if it was done discreetly, or a sugar daddy. Unfortunately if that happens, I think she will also realise she can be charging a whole lot more. If the time comes when I think I can approach that with her, then I'll give out some details with her permission. Sorry if I've wasted people's time reading this, It was just such an outrageously great punt, the story had to be told!

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