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Introduction to my life of sugarbabes and debauchery.



Hi all,


I find myself in the last few years, especially this last year, having more sugarbabe/sex buddies/p4p type relationships with girls than just standard punts, although I still manage my fair share of normal punts along the way. I guess I enjoy also being able to spend some time and get to know someone a bit, and with my heavy work load, a GF is just too much trouble. Sometimes these SB relationships end in a mess of fire and brimstone, but other times its been fantastic and once I'm ready to move on, the girl has been very gracious.


I meet these girls through quite alot of different ways, some through online ads or SB type sites, others in massage/rnt type joints, a stripclub once before and even just your local bookstore! Always these relationships have involved some sort of money or donations being exchanged, although I had one girl that wouldnt accept anything for awhile, which made me feel quite uncomfortable. In my mind, its the exchange of services that make the whole deal work and stress free.


So Im starting this blog because I posted a review recently in the QLD forums about a punt I had with a girl I'd found online, a fantastic punt! At the time I wrote the punt, I wasnt able to post her details yet, but I thought after a few more punts, I'd name her and move on. The problem was I only posted the first review that I'd written about a week or so later, and by then Id had a few more punts with her and it was getting better and better. So much better that we were talking about a more permanent exclusive weekly arrangement, an allowance etc. In time (once I've had my way with her..haha), I'll post her details with her permission and the blog about it will become a review again. I have to admit my main reason for not naming her now and letting some others enjoy her too is that the girl doesnt realise her own market value for someone of her beauty. You know what they say, the richer you get, the tighter you get! If I did name her, if shes not completely pissed off and stops this kind of work, her prices will go through the roof im sure!!


I now realise I got carried away and should not have posted that review untill I could release her details with it. I've just had such a bad string of punts in Brissy that I wanted to finally talk about a fantastic one. Im sick of only having great regular punts only overseas and in Sydney(you lucky bastards).


So I'll be talking about my adventures here in the blog, and some will contain contact details, or a way to get in contact with the said lady, but then it's all up to you. I'll be starting with the recent fantastic punt I had here in qld, and then trying to work backwards through time, although my memory might get a little hazy the longer its been.


Hope you all enjoy reading!


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