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Amazing booking - but can't write a review



This is so frustrating - I have just had a great time and I can't write a review because the lady involved asked me not to name her (at least in any way that a search engine can find).


I was at a parlour today run by someone I have known a fairly long time and who I had booked twice when she was a worker. There was no one available and after we (She, I and the receptionist) had looked at all the possibilities it just wasn't going to work. You could have knocked my socks off when the manageress said "what about me?".


"Are you kidding" - "No" - "An hour?" - "Sure - wait here".


5 minutes later she was back in a lovely bikini type thing and led me upstairs.


5 minutes after that we were naked on the bed with me exploring her all over after such a long time. (years)


It was delicious to be with her again but what really blew me away was I had no idea she was a squirter - and I think she didn't either till then. I had been stimulating her g-spot and she just suddenly started to squirt - I was totally unprepared for it and didn't know what was happening at first - she just started to convulse and convulse and convulse and squirt a little over and over again. It certainly wasn't pee but she was quite embarrassed - "sorry, sorry, sorry" jerking out as she twitched. Every time I touched her with my hand or tongue she would squirt a little again till she had come 20 or 30 times. It was simply astonishing - I have never seen anything like it - she was just zoned out and responding to touch convulsively - I needed to be very gentle.


Eventually she came to, pushed me over and screwed me like I have rarely been screwed before.


I came just about when it was time and after I was showered and dressed she send me out while she stayed behind - saying "I don't want the girls to see me" and then "If you do a review - don't name me"






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I get hints everytime I go into a certain outer melb parlour.

This beautiful mamasan (milfasam) has a big hug and kiss ready when i walk in, insists on escorting me personally to whatever room, with another kiss waiting behind that door.

I don't get out of the building before a goodbye one too, and the feeling is mutual.

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Intergalactical Princess




That was very porn in a brilliant way


You lucky bugger ;)


Good to see you blogging Boater!




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