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Flexi's 2010 Reviews

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October 2010 - Private (Lexi Swarovski) - The Swarovski Affair




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Bill Clinton 26 January 1998

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky"




FlexiSexi 2 October 2010

"I did have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Swarovski."




I'd sent a few texts to Miss Swarovski throughout the year but never got a reply. I'd normally only try once, maybe twice, but in this case I was encouraged to persevere. The very next text, lead to a pleasant exchange and ultimately to the meeting described herein.


The rendezvous was set for 7pm on Saturday night at a hotel in the centre of the CBD. It was the evening of the grand final replay so it was fortunate I'd booked the hotel early. It was about 5:30pm and I'd just come from a grueling afternoon at work which is where I had to return to after a short break, two hours of which would be spent with Miss Swarovski.


After a nice long shower and a few other preparatory activities I sat down to chill with a cold drink while I waited for the time to arrive.


Everybody who has been around for at least a little while knows of Lexi's physical appearance so I won't dwell on it but here's a brief recap for the new and the forgetful. She's about 155cm tall so slightly shorter than average. She a curvy size 12 and IMHO she's looking pretty hot. Physically, Lexi's biggest asset is her face. Being a face man it's always a highlight to spend time with a babe with a really pleasant face. I know we all differ in our tastes but I'd say it's fairly indisputable that Lexi has a very pretty face and smile.


She is 24, if working ladies are to be believed about their age. It's not surprising then that her face has such a youthful, fresh appearance. The smile with perfect white teeth sweetens her face and make's a lecherous old man feel a certain tension in the loins. Her persona is professional yet warm and friendly with a sense of fun.


She arrived right on time and announced her presence with a gentle tap-tap-tap on the door. I'd met Lexi at GOE approximately a year ago so I kind of knew what to expect but I'd lost sight of her detailed appearance from my memory. When I opened the door, standing there was this very, very pretty young lady.


I'd only been with one other PWL beside Lexi and that doesn't count because I'd seen her many times before that in the brothel setting. I suppose technically Lexi was in the same boat but the year long gap made it very different. I have to admit lads I was quite nervous. Lexi put down her handbag and walked over to give me a hug. I felt great, nervous but great.


We started on the couch where we had a catch up over a glass of water. I was a little nervous. Lexi was relaxed and rubbed my leg as we talked then we held hands for a few minutes. I felt like a school boy. Lucky Lexi knew what she was doing. She turned around on the couch so she was in my space and facing me. There was no option but to kiss her. We stayed in that position for some time just gently kissing with some nice tongue flicks. I really enjoyed the kisses and the close up view of her face.


Next we moved to the bedroom where we got undressed. I was naked and Lexi was down to her underwear. She sat on top of me and we picked up the kissing where we’d left off. It’s hard to remember the exact details but I think this is when Lexi started to move down stairs to the boys for a little bit of attention. Even though Lexi is not in to BBBJ, she’s not afraid to brush and touch it as she goes about her business. Condom applied by mouth and it was a very nice CBJ with quite a lot of DT.


It was then my turn to explore Lexi's body. First while she laid on her back. Starting with some nice kisses on her mouth moving more broadly in that area to include her cheeks, eyes, nose, forehead and on to her ears. Slowly down her neck and shoulders before taking an extended break at her natural c-cups. Moving to the lower extremities I was able to give her feet a tongue massage. She has the cutest little toes I've ever seen, just so tiny. Working slowly back up her body lead me to the centre of gravity.


It's been said before and I have to agree this girl's response to DATY is very encouraging to the male ego and very real. Her sounds were gentle and even subtle, especially at first, getting a little more demonstrative as the pressure built. Lexi became very sensitive down there, after the event.


It was time for her to roll onto her tummy so the tongue massage could continue its journey. I began kissing her ears again, down the back of her neck and to her shoulders. Slowly down her back and sides. Like before, a discontinuity at the centre, moving down to those little baby grub toes then back up her legs to the CoG.


When Lexi rolled back onto her back it hit me, I'd missed a part of her, her hands. Easily fixed. I kissed her shoulders, then down her arms, dwelling at the inner elbow on the left arm, a very sensitive spot in many women, then on to her hands to kiss and suck her fingers. Her fingers are cute and little like her toes. We made a joke of it as we measured our hands against each other's. From the wrist Lexi's hands were about half the length of my own.


The time had arrived. We'd had a lot of very nice foreplay but it was time to fuck. I was still covered from the earlier CBJ so access was immediate. We started in mish with Lexi holding her legs open. It didn't take long before I asked her to close them and keep them straight. Call me boring but I've become completely addicted to that position (I wish I knew its name). The comfort factor is high and the stimulation excellent. Lexi made it feel very snug and tight by actually slightly crossing her legs over each other. Damn it felt good, the negative consequence of course being that it expedites cumming.


Time for a nice chat and a drink of water. Normally I'd prefer wine but Lexi doesn't drink alcohol and I had to go back to work so water it was. After a while Lexi asked about Round 2 to which I said it was unlikely. Not to be deterred, she started some more nice kissing (including some of her flicky tongue style) and to my happy surprise lil Flex was up again. Now I knew it wouldn't come to anything but I certainly enjoyed the kissing and the HJ until lil Flexi held up the white flag.


There was still some time left for some more discussion. Lexi is an interesting lady, she seems very positive and happy. There's a lot more to this girl than meets the eye, as they say in the classics, she's not just a pretty face.


Lexi was generous with time, with her sharing of her views on life and about herself. She was very uplifting to be around. She has absolutely no interest in forum factions and politics and her attitude to giving value to (and being conscious not to gouge) punters is excellent. Her attitude to extras is excellent. Big, big kudos to Lexi's attitude to punters. It's not just words either, consider her price structure.


To be balanced there is one small criticism I feel compelled to mention. It's related to the way that Lexi seems to struggle with her phone messages. I'm sure she gets overloaded with messages but I believe its bad form not to answer a polite and realistic message sent by a punter in relation to a punt. I suppose I believe it’s an extension of good manners we'd expect from each other in the "real" world. On Monday, I sent a very brief thank you text to Lexi for her efforts on Saturday night. I never heard anything back so I don't know if she read it or lost it in the phone. As I said, I'm not experienced with privates but in my very limited experience, a little exchange of messages afterwards is something I suppose I grew to enjoy as a nice finishing touch. Perhaps it's more the exception to the rule, I really don't know but suspect it's not. As I said, it’s just a little thing in the scheme of it but its one of my "pet" niggles. If that's all I have to pick on it must have been a damn good punt.


In conclusion, I did have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Swarovski. And I'm very glad I did.


PS: One final thought. In retrospect, that particular Saturday night was a stupid night for a punt of this nature because of what was happening at work. To Lexi's credit, she kept me from being distracted for most of the time, during both play and chat. I can see why she's so popular.


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