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QLD - 3 Reviews (2008-09)



17/05/08 - YUMI


Venue: Duncan St Fortitude Valley (Brisbane trip)


Session 30 mins




Cost $70



In Brisbane for business and while killing time waiting for the plane to take me back to Melbourne I decided that I would sample a local massage. So with this in mind I grabbed the local paper and looked to see what was in my general area (as I was on foot). One jumped out at me – Japanese massage Fortitude Valley. Gave the number 0431 5200 293 (??) a call and she was happy to provide me with the address and told me if I came straight around she was available. She also says on the phone that the fee is $70 per hour and includes an oral ending.


It just so happened that the address was just around the corner from where I was and so I was there in less than 15 mins. Into the secure building and up in the lift to the second floor and was met by a lovely Asian lady. The lady was a little soft in the body but her incredibly friendly attitude and lovely responsive nipples compensated this. Massage was nice and sensual and actually quite good. Very early in the session I was asked to roll over. As I am often short on the fuse I asked her to go very slowly on the orals, which she complied with. After a few minutes of incredible torment I was almost ready to pop so I asked if I could go down and dine at her lightly haired Y. She was happy to allow this and I dived in with tongue and fingers. It was here that the session had a slight hiccup when her phone rang and she answered it. I kept on going and she was responding, when she hung up she grabbed at my head and shuddered her way through two noisy and wet cums.


She very much enjoyed this (she told me) and told me to fuck her – "no charge just please fuck me".


Jnr by now had gone off the boil a little but was more than hard enough to gain entry to her moistened pussy and he was well behaved enough to keep off the boil long enough to see her to another shuddering cum.


By now the session had gone over an hour and I was offered a shower, which I accepted and then we sat on the bed and chatted for a long time about the adult industry in Australia and places she wanted to visit.


Lovely lady and a lovely session. I did pay her as I had a great time too.





"Balinese" English




30 mins / $100 (45/60 = $150/$175)


Nice enough girl 30 mins late while she had coffee with her financial adviser. Massage was ho hum and ending was very mechanical. Seemed nice enough but distracted.


Great body fake EE's and cute face.


GODDESS Exotic Brunette petite & busty


V. Pretty Valley 0437 850 409





Chinese - Yumi




30mins / $120


Nice enough. Tried to charge extra for BBBJ after telling me on the phone that natural oral was included in her standard service. Gave good BJ after I threatened to leave, DATY was ok but she had lightly pre-lubed. Sex was missionary only although managed to half roll her onto side. Tried to get me to shower straight after round 1 but I convinced her to let me dine again first .... Second round of missionary bonking followed after I ate her to a noisy cum. This time we finished with her rubbing my balls while I talked dirty. I think she came a second time.


Ok body nothing to write home about. Certainly not 19



AABI Hot Fantasies 19 yo in/outcall all areas 24 hour 0449 909 404


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