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Allure - 23/12/06 - Keira



Since I came back from my trip to Europe, I’ve been trying to recover financially from my debauchery frenzy over there, but I also find it psychologically difficult to get out there and not receive a similar service to the one I got from some beautiful girls in the old continent.




There is one girl that I have seen after that, whom I’ve been seeing in an almost regular basis since I first met her, yet I’ve only posted one review as it’s generally my habit not to review twice unless service changes dramatically… and that girl is Eva at Allure.


While her service is not exactly like the one offered by the girls at the FKK in Frankfurt, I feel so at ease with her that she seems like the only desirable option at this stage.

She only works on Saturdays, so yesterday I got ready to see her, yet I got this feeling that the lovely Eva is somehow enjoying of pre-Christmas parties or commitments, and I wasn’t all that much surprised when Bindy, one of the receptionists at Allure, told me on the phone that Eva had cancelled on them last night (yet gave me hope to find her after Christmas maybe even sometime during the week). In any case, one of the many things that attract me to her is that almost part-time approach she has towards this work, so I’m far from complaining and hope she’s enjoying whatever she’s up to.


Now, when that happened last week too, somehow I felt inclined to switch my sexual desires for food and went on a quest to find an Indian take-away instead. (You can read my ramblings here.


But last night I had a rather early dinner, so that left me with a single option and that was punting. I thought of Liaisons, which is a place I rediscovered this year and had gone well, particularly with a girl called Lily, yet I’m not sure if she still works over there. (Note to myself: find out in the new year!)


I got there and somehow was feeling a bit nervous; I just wasn’t in the best mood to meet someone new, ask the questions about their service, etc. The receptionist put me in a waiting room and the loud gangster rap crap emanating loudly from a speaker did not help me to relax. There were three girls available, one of them had just rocked in to work and was still in her street clothes. First girl and third girl were fine; I could have booked any of them, no restrictions apart from Greek (which I wasn’t after) and they would do everything with a condom (“Oh yes, yes, I figured that!” was probably my answer, to which one of them replied “Oh, you don’t know the sort of things that some guys want!”… “Gee, these guys!” I thought) ;-)


However, if number one and three were fine, number two managed to irritate me by treating me like an idiot. She was the girl in street clothes, and while she wasn’t my type she was very talkative; fine, but when I asked about her service she came with the excellent answer: “Anything you wish, kissing, going down on you or you on me, etc. etc.” to which I asked: “As part of your standard service?”… “Yes, I don’t charge any extras… maybe a tip at the end, I don’t even expect it… but I won’t take anything less than $50… which is much less than if I charged you for everything extra… you see here the standard service is just sex… blah, blah, blah”


“Oh, please go away and let the next girl in” I thought as I kept an eye on the card with the place’s prices which indicated $230 for 45 minutes (which I knew already but somehow it was redefined by this girl’s stupid words)


Finally, girl number three came in, her name is Roxy, I ticked all the boxes, yes, yes, yes…she left and was ready to book her for 45 minutes… when girl number two comes back, this time as the establishment ambassador (instead of the receptionist) and asked me if I wanted to pick any of them, including her. How about that for elegance? Having to tell one girl that I’m picking another?… I got the hell out of there, as the whole thing managed to depress me. I may be back for Roxy, but management has something to answer for as she lost a booking and it wasn’t her fault.


“And now what?” I thought as I was leaving Edgecliff towards the city. More than someone to cheer me up, at that stage I think I was almost in need of a cabaret performance with sex at the end. The name Lucy Blake came to my mind as the best WL I know to take you there to some parallel universe that she has choreographed with the upmost professionalism and attention to detail… but you don’t get Lucy by giving her a ring and letting her know you’re heading her way, wherever that may be these days. (Note to myself: pay Lucy another visit in the new year)


As I went through the Cross, I had a perve… and the “out of place” stunning girl I saw standing next to one of those dodgy “clubs” last week, was there again. I did have a closer look at her and she looked back at me. She must have seen me as Frodo carring the Ring, because reflected on her eyes I saw all the evil of Mordor conjured into one single person. I covered myself with my cloak of invisibility and got the hell out of there before she alerted the other Orcs.


I decided that despite no Eva, Allure presented itself as the best option, even when Bindy’s description of the other girls, did not sound like my cup of tea… but you never know. So, I arrived there via the discreet rear entry where Jackson greeted me with enthusiasm (Jackson is the cat of the place and he reminds me of the former punter known as Bach, whom since I never met in the flesh, I only have his avatar as reference, but many WLs assured me that that was actually his picture!), so I started feeling better.


Management and receptionists were having their own Christmas drinks, so I managed to say hi to Leeann and Victoria too, as Bindy took me to an intro room and brought me my Vodka-Lemonade. The girls came through, and yes, they weren’t my usual cup of tea, but there was one who was close even when probably a few years beyond my usual range. Her name is Keira and she came in and out pretty quickly but Bindy assured me that her service was excellent; and when there aren’t guarantees when it comes to pleasing me, I have always been well advised at this parlour, to the point of being told to go home and come back next Tuesday on some occasion. It is a philosophy many other places should exercise but not many do. So, I decided to book Keira for 45 minutes.




Now Keira is new to Allure, that was her first night and I’d say I was her first client as she was trying to learn where things were and I helped her where I could (including buzzing myself out at the end!) :)


Now you’re probably wondering how on earth did Bindy know that her service was good; well, apparently she has worked with Allure’s management in the past at other parlours and that explains it. Keira’s age is hard to pick, at the danger of pissing her off, I’d say that she’s late thirties, early forties. Yet regardless of that she has a very fit body with a cute killer little arse… reportedly just from walking. She’s a size 8, medium height, B-cups, light brown hair which doesn’t quite reach her shoulders, blue eyes, and an overall tan. She reminds me a bit of a younger Jill Clayburgh, a remote resemblance only.


The first minutes of the booking had Keira learning her way around, getting creams, lubricants, condoms ready. Then she jumped on top of me and asked me what was my unfulfilled fantasy. I had a thought and for some reason I think I have fulfilled all of them; at least the ones I’d like to do. I kept thinking and nothing occurred to me. Looking back at it, I’m an idiot, since I could have lied… there are so many I have done but would like to do again (then again, not because she was asking about, meant they were on offer). As I was thinking too much, she decided to get some ice out of her drink and rub it on my nipples… not a fantasy of mine but it did feel good, she then started kissing my nipples but I’m generally too ticklish for that. I don’t know if Keira had any kinky idea in mind but I started to feel a bit impatient under her with no much to do or touch or lick; so I moved around and then Keira realised that I like to be in charge of the action… (I think she does too but she was accommodating in this respect)… We did pash and then I gradually went down on her and showed her the sort of things I’m generally after. No objections from her at all; in fact she was very responsive to some unrushed DATY… until she decided to pay me back. She did use a condom for oral, even a thicker one than the ones I like, but let me tell you she certainly knows what she’s doing, since I had to ask her to stop to avoid coming.


Sex was pretty good and we went through my usual positions, her on top, doggy and then caterpillar (I save missionary for special occasions) and I came right on time, while observing the whole action on the mirror.


Keira has cheeky personality; she likes to joke around and as I said, it’s obvious that she’s been around and done this before. She is not the type of girl I generally go for or click with at a mental level, but as for last night, and if you’re after fun and games, she fitted the bill perfectly.


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