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SWs And Indian Take-Away, if only I did not know any better! (December 2006)



I wonder if this week I will continue with an uncomfortable feeling of unaccomplished goals that makes me lousy at work, keeps me awake at night, puts me in a bad mood. This weekend was a bit of a waste, I set to do so many things and did none... I want it back, I want another crack at it... next Saturday seems so far now.


One of the unaccomplished things was obviously punting. I got ready to see the lovely Eva at Allure and half way there I decided to call to make an appointment, only to hear that she had taken the evening off.... noooooooooooo!


Now, the AndyJ you all know would have gone anyway, check the other girls out and if no-one took his fancy, he would continue through all the other parlours that crossed his mind to later use the whole account of his itinerary as a preamble of a review. However, like the Devil warned him before letting him see a glimpse of Paradise in a Frankfurt FKK, now AndyJ knows what Paradise looks like and nothing in Sydney seems to make him happy; it was like his usual sense of parlour adventure was wrapped and sealed in thick latex. So, instead of venturing on foot from the city to Chatswood, for example, AndyJ decided that his energy would be much better spent finding an Indian take-away.


Now, have you noticed the absence of Indian take-aways in Sydney's CBD (which is where I was)? You have almost everything else but Indian, which I hadn't had in months. So, I decided to head back East, Kings Cross way. As soon as little AndyJ realised we were walking in that direction he said: "Mate, I know you're after food now... I know we'll be back for Eva next Saturday and you want to save some money 'cause you spent too much on me in Europe... I know all that, I'm not a complete dickhead despite the way I look... but do you realise what time of the year is it?"... Without looking at him, I answered "Almost Christmas".


Little AndyJ: "And we're walking up William Street"

AndyJ: "And?"

Little AndyJ: "Have you forgotten already?"

AndyJ: "No, I haven't forgotten, mate, I know what you mean"

Little AndyJ: "And what are we gonna do about it?"

AndyJ: "Nothing. That's dead, that's all dead, thing of the past. I'll show you when we go through"


As I said we walked through William and Bourke Streets and the dozens of SWs you could see in the 90s standing in that corner on a Saturday night have become none, only a couple of trannies at the next corner. I didn't quite "show" little AndyJ to avoid sending the wrong message in the presence of the trannies, but he believed me.


Yet what little AndyJ remembers is that apart from the many SWs you could see there, there were some very cute young mums, part-time SWs, who came out for cash this time of the year, and while the street is not my scene, how can you deny a toy to a child on a Christmas morning? Particularly if the mother looked pretty good and willing to share a bit of that motherly love with you. So, yes, I've been there but that's dead now, so I kept focused on my Indian take-away.


I remembered that in Potts Point there was at least one Indian take-away, so we head that way going through the heart of the Cross, where you feel as safe on a Saturday night as a white man going through Apache territory in the old Far West. Little AndyJ noticed a couple of SWs across the road and I assured him that we'd cross the street on our way back.


In the end, I found my Indian take-away but doubts about the hygiene of the place made me go back towards Paddington and try my luck there later. Like I promised, we walked back using the opposite side of the road so we could have a closer look at the SWs. Now, I know that scene, they are not the independent girls... these ones work for one of those damned clubs. However, what it was completely new to me is that some of the bait these clubs use to attract punters have improved an awful lot. Too much, if you ask me, particularly one girl who was so stunning that she looked ridiculous standing on the street. Even little AndyJ shook his head thinking of the associated scam that must come with booking her. But if anyone has a chance, check them out (some look average or below average though), yet this one was something to write about. I wish I would've stopped and asked her about her service and try to decipher the sort of scam that must surely be. In second thoughts probably I did well to keep walking for my Indian take-away because I'm not completely sure I would've been able to resist temptation. :)


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