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Der Leierkasten Frankfurt - November 2006 - Paro



First day in Frankfurt and in reality I was feeling extremely tired; not enough sleep and excessive travelling had been taking its toll. I knew I wanted to visit the local FKK but since I also had plenty of time to do that in the following days, I decided to take it easy.


However, it did not help that my hotel was located in the heart of the red light district, so not much after arrival, I decided to go and have a look around. Just to "have a look", alright?




Right on the corner I recognised a building where many, many years ago I had had my first punt in Germany. Logically, out of nostalgia I went in. The place is called Das Rotes Haus and it's six floors of rooms with WLs waiting inside, Amsterdam style, except that instead of been along the canals, they're just normal buildings where thousands of men go up and down their stairs day and night. The memory of my punt there wasn't a bad one but a rather mechanical one with a beautiful German blonde. Back then you saw German and Turkish women, while now you see women from almost everywhere and maybe not that many Germans anymore. Regardless of nationality, beautiful women a plenty.


I resisted almost certain temptation and left Das Rotes Haus, only to discover that the street is full of similar buildings. If you add the number of rooms of all of them, I think it would be safe to say that as a red light district is even bigger than Amsterdam's. The big difference is that while Amsterdam's alleys could be visited by slowly and comfortably walking around the place, here you have to go up and down stairs, which is rather exhausting.


One of those buildings was pretty particular from outside; they had mannequins on their balconies. It also looked a bit slicker than the others. The place is Der Leierkasten, apparently Frankfurt's biggest brothel ( http://www.crazy-sexy-frankfurt.de ). I went in and discovered the Asian session first. I also realised that not all WLs were ladies; many were in fact trannies. Now, here's my dilemma, among many of them I saw this beautiful girl. She looked Eurasian and absolutely gorgeous face and body. The question was, is that a real girl or a real ladyboy?


She smiled at me and called me; I approached her and she told me that it was 30 euros for suck, fuck and touch. Her voice sounded like a normal girl's one. I thought that it was a reasonable amount to take a punt; a bad shag for that money can be easily and quickly forgotten. However, should she have a dick, I would be psychologically scarred for a long time. What the hell... I took the punt in the real sense of the word and went in.




Her name was Paro (or something like that) and originally from Singapore. I know that it doesn't make sense to go all the way to Europe to shag an Asian girl when I can do that at home anytime (and I rarely do). However, I don't know her genetic make-up (and wasn't that sure about her gender either) but she looked Eurasian to me and beautiful too; imagine Lucy Lu with rounder eyes. Worth taking the chance.


Luckily, once inside, Paro remained quite friendly and knowing I was coming from Australia, there was plenty to talk about as she has relatives living here. No shower inside the room, just a quick stand in front of a big fan to dry out the sweat generated by going up and down the stairs and off you go. Paro removed her bra to reveal a lovely (enhanced) pair of boobs and started arousing me by touching and kissing around my willy, yet she would grab a condom for the blowjob. A great CBJ, but I was still wondering about her gender. Time for sex arrived and everything was about to be revealed with me begging "Please, don't have a dick, please, don't have a dick!".


She removed her panties and.... (drum roll)... no dick! (Relief, as in close inspection her vagina looked quite normal too). A quick shag missionary style and I came. Not bad for 30 euros. After this and my experience at the Show Park in Prague, I began to reconcile with quick, cheap punts, Amsterdam style... but it was going to be a short-lived reconciliation which would only last until that evening... but that's another story which I will write about soon.


Here are couple of pics of Der Leierkasten from outside.


HPIM1419_small.jpg HPIM1421_small.jpg


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