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Sweet Paradise Prague - October 2006 - Jana



Once I had visited the Show Park during my six hour visit to Prague, I felt that I still had time to put plan C into action (plan A was the FKK, plan B was the Show Park) and plan C was the Lotos Club: http://www.lotos.cz




I have been there before and in all honesty this place has never failed me. It seems that the Lotos Club has undergone some renovations since I was there last time. Now, to enter this place for free it was possible to print one of their flyers; however, I think that´s not the case any more, yet I am not sure. It is of easy access at the end of one metro line, Haje station, fifteen or twenty minutes away from the city centre. So, it was easy as pie... well almost, because every time I get there I have to locate the place on top of the station, but it takes a bit to spot it because is located somewhere among apartment buildings.




Now, it was plain daylight and Prague is not Melbourne. How many times I have walked into The Grosvenor with everyone around pretending they don´t see me!... credit where credit is due, Aussies are fabulous pretending they´re just minding their own business... but while I waited at the door of the Lotos Club, one of those with a mirror, I could see the old people looking at me with disgust and the young ones with a smirk on their faces. The wait seemed eternal, until a gorgeous receptionist (unfortunately not a WL) opened the door and guided me through the protocol of the place. If I stayed I had to pay an entry fee but she also told me that there were only two girls available. She called them for a visual intro (they only spoke Czech, so any questions had to be through the receptionist, whose English was good)... Unfortunately none of the girls took my fancy and I decided to leave, luckily without having paid the entry fee. No problems for them, they asked me to come back another day (or night).


So, it was time to put plan D into place, and that was Sweet Paradise (if it´s good enough for C1, it ought to be good enough for me!). I had no idea how far from the city centre Sweet Paradise would be but I had the address and it said Praha 3, so not far at all. I got the underground back to the city centre, and by then I was beginning to get a bit worried about time. I only had like one more hour for fun before the end of my visit. I got to the main station and got a cab that was waiting there. Something like this could be dangerous for your wallet but I was a desperate man (it did work out okay, anyway). If you go with more time there is a nearby metro station called Jiriho z Podebrad (line A, I think) and then it´s a 5 minute walk from there.


Anyway, I got to Sweet Paradise ( http://www.sweetparadise.cz ) and the first thing I noticed is that the place itself looks a bit more downmarket than Club Lotos, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It was cheaper too, they had a day rate of 1,600 crowns (a bit more than 50 euros). However, I also noticed, and not without panic, that there was a bunch of Russian guys booking all the girls. I had no time for waiting.




Nevertheless, at Sweet Paradise there were still two girls available, one a bit mature who spoke a bit of German and another one who made me wonder what was the age of consent in the Czech Republic, who only spoke Czech. I asked the mature one if she gave BBBJs and she said no... so my only chance for a booking relied on a girl with whom I could only communicate by gestures and by trying those words which are universally similar or understood (like condom, for example). It was a bit tricky but it was obvious that young Jana, as that was her name, was happy to oblige with a BBBJ. As it turned out she is 21 but looks much, much younger.




Jana is not in the Barbie format, she´s probably somewhere between a size 10 and 12, C-cups, brown hair, green eyes and all the pluses that come with young age. She looked extremely natural and not like a vixen, and that´s maybe why the Russian guys gave her a miss. I paid at the front for 45 minutes and she guided me to the room. We both had showers and after some pashing and teasing around, she went for my willy and gave a fantastic BBBJ. I opted for no CIM (but there was obviously no problem with it) and then decided to finish doggy style. It was fantastic value for money and we even got to have a bit of pillow talk (or hand talk). Jana had been there for only 3 days, or only 3 weeks or only 3 months. She comes from another town in the Czech Republic and she is a nice girl, not to mention she is not shy about anything.


And so my friends, my very six hour visit to Prague came to an end, and like most visitors, I left with a smile on my face.


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