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Show Park Prague - October 2006 - Sharna



What would you do if you only had six hours in Prague? and provided you've been there before and already seen everything touristic. Well, I thought that the answer was easy: call the FKK Prague, ask them to send you a cab and pick you up. The FKK is about 15 km from the city centre and their taxis are meant to only charge you between 150 and 200 crowns to get there. However, after a conversation with someone speaking Czech at the other end of the line, I understood that it was closed. Not sure if for the moment or for good. It was only after midday anyway.




A shame really but I had a plan B, C and D. Plan B did not sound fantastic but I was curious anyway: The Show Park (also known as Sex Park), which you can easily reach by tram in a few minutes time. It's meant to be a mini Red Light District, Amsterdam-style. The address is Bubenske Nabrezi, Praha 7 (trams 1, 3, 5 & 25, station Prazsca trznice). Website: http://www.redlight.cz/


I got number 3 from Wencelas Square and I was surprised to see how close to the city it was. As I was arriving there, I started noticing that there were far too many families and kids for my liking. So, I started wondering if I was in the right place. I followed the crowds and I ended up in a kind of Paddy's Market. I started walking around and all kind of thoughts crossed my head, including wondering if maybe the Show Park had been closed down and now there was a common market instead.




I was ready to move to plan C (Lotus Club), when I saw a girl chatting to a guy at a stand, and I thought that she had "sex industry" written on her forehead (and over here I wish most girls I see on the streets had it but I could be sure about her for some reason... or to cut it short, she looked like a real slut)... So, I kept looking around until I saw the sign I was looking for: Show Park.




The Show Park is actually indoors, so do not expect finding alleys of sex windows like you do in Amsterdam. To go in you have to insert 60 crowns in coins (you can ask for change right there if you need). Now, it was early, too early for the place and only five or six girls were working out of 55 that the Show Park has room for. Later my hostess would let me know that even at night, only 60% of the capacity is full at the moment.




I started walking through the maze-like corridor and had a look at the girls who were available. They seemed friendly and one of them caught my eye more than the others. I approached her and we introduced to each other. Her name is Sharna or so it sounded to me, though she could speak pretty decent English.




Sharna is a pretty girl in her twenties, brown hair, size 8, huge boobs (enhanced) and an overall friendly attitude; from all the girls I've seen in this trip, so far she's been the most Australian-looking of them all. I asked Sharna if she offered BBBJs but unfortunately that does not seem the vibe of the place, but she managed to seduce me nonetheless and I thought that I couldn't leave the Show Park without punting. 1,500 crowns (50 Euros) bought me half hour with her. Probably a bit expensive if you compare with a private but still cheaper than the Lotus Club for example.




One good addition to this window system is the inclusion of a shower and I certainly welcome it. Somehow if the girls know you've just got one, they tend to be a bit more adventurous; and so we started with a bit of pashing. I did not attempt DATY and soon Sharna was covering little AndyJ for some oral. Not bad yet soon she jumped on top and after a while of me playing with her massive tits, we changed to doggy and we finished that way. Time for a little bit more of chit chat, have another shower and say bye bye.


Certainly not the best experience you can have but not bad at all nonetheless. I would like to return one day at night to see the place buzzing. Window shopping for Czech girls is always a more than enjoyable experience.

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Thats all folks


There are rumors flying around the place that showpark may face the bulldozer as that area called Market hence its name is being redeveloped, and part of that is the removal of this place.




The businesses operating in the open stalls will have to move inside the existing buildings, which need renovation. Kolínská also promised to remove the brothel, Showpark Praha, by the end of the year.

“It is absurd for such a facility to be run in a city building,” said Kolínská about the brothel.



Its not actually a brothel.....the 350Kc you pay is for entry into the strip club,  and 2 bar areas... what you do there is well not the operators issue...



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