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Private Escort (Brno) - October 2006 - Iva



Oh Czech women, they are so beautiful but also so friendly! While in Poland they also have beautiful women, here they have got it all. Nevertheless, the language keeps being a bit of a challenge, and after having had a bit of a cold session with Barbie in Poland (albeit with a great ending), I had to test my communication skills for a bit of GFE.




This was my first time in Brno, second largest city in the Czech Republic, and very beautiful too. So, I got a local SIM card (more expensive than in Poland but probably with more credit too) and started looking for some sort of local smut source. I did not have to make too much effort; in the lobby of my hotel I found the newspaper I needed. It is called Inzert Express and the middle pages are full of contacts for private WLs (somehow I believe the clubs here can be a bit of a rip-off). Unfortunately they do not state their language skills and you just have to start calling until you find someone who understands you. Later I found out that they have a website online where they actually do: http://www.sex-inzert.cz/




And so I started ringing. Pretty much the same story as in Poland but instead of Polski, Polski, it was Ceski, Ceski... and something like I wanti to seeski in mi hoteliski does not work either. However the vibe was good, even when they did not understand me, there were many giggles, etc. I was imagining the babes I could not see for not speaking any Czech and I have taken the decision to learn some in the future. Anyway I kept ringing until someone replied in that so uncomplicated language, so easy, so familiar, so natural that is... German (did you think I have found one who speaks English here?)... Okay I had to dust off my German skills and arrange a meeting with a very friendly girl called Iva. She would not come to my hotel, so we had to arrange an immediate visit to her place. It was not that easy because German is not my nor her language (yet the proximity with Austria gives them some idea). She did sms me her address, got a cab at my hotel and ten minutes after I was there.




Iva opened the door and greeted me in a very friendly manner. She is probably in her 30s but a beautiful babe nonetheless. Brunette, green eyes, something very sophisticated (and very Czech) about her. She asked me if I wanted a shower and I said yes. Her flat is 10 minutes away from the city centre and looks very inviting.


I got out of the shower and met her in the bedroom where she asked me what sort of thing I would like and I told her that a little bit of everthing, but in reality GFE was what I was after. Not problem whatsover, we started pashing, some DFK, then I made my way down and we had a long DATY session, back up for more kissing and then she gave me some oral. Unfortunately Alles mit Kondom (covered) and I could not bribe her. Never mind it was damn good nonetheless and as I said the GFE was the most important aspect that was fully given to me (a bit like a good experience at an Aussie parlour but away from home). We then moved to intercourse and after some positions I came. I did not go for round two but we stayed in bed chatting and getting to know each other. Iva is a beautiful lady and I am happy I got to meet her. She charges 1500 crowns per hour (50 euros) which makes it very good compared with Australia and for the service she offers.


I leave you with a few more pics of her.


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I know it's old, but pic link doesn't work anymore.


She's probably well retired by now, but I was curious!

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