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Private Escort (Cracow) - October 2006 - Barbie



I met Barbie, she's living in Poland and yes, she's beautiful... but now I know why Ken divorced her.




New city, new challenges including the local lingo. However, one of those challenges became finding an internet cafe which took me ages and when I did, the place was so small and full of tourists next to each other, that the place lacked any sense of privacy. Here's a tip, maybe there's some business path in Poland, not in the sex industry but supporting travelling punters; the place seems a bit unexploited in that aspect.


Anyway, eventually I found one and compiled a shortlist of the local girls; this time having language skills into account. I started calling but to my horror, I kept getting the same recorded message in Polish... eventually I worked out that I had run out of credit. Got a new sim card which is probably as cheap as recharging your credit, got to my hotel to get changed, and I started calling again. First number, another recorded message but different to the other one. Second number was Barbie and here's the thing. Barbie is expensive for local standards, she charges 300zl per hour (approx. 75 euros) but I thought that trying a glamourous girl like her comes much cheaper here than in Sydney. Look at her pictures and you'll see what I mean: http://www.odloty.pl/cd/product_info_popup.php/products_id/2862 (they are 100% authentic)


Barbie's English is listed as medium level and I did manage to get the basic info over the phone; she sounded alright and sent me her address by SMS (I opted to be entertained as my hotel here is nice but has a family-run feel to it). Not long after I got the receptionist to get me a taxi and I was on my way. The journey took near 10 minutes and the cabbie dropped me at a large block of apartments. I called Barbie again to ask her for her unit number; she gave it to me and in a minute I was knocking at her front door. She opened and I found this gorgeous blonde in front of me; fantastic body, very pretty face. She let me in and I extended my hand to her but she wouldn't shake it... hmm, I wondered if she saw it or maybe she tought that would be too formal, but I did not get a kiss either. I did not panic and put it down to culture clash. She guided me upstairs (yes, it was a nice duplex with more beauty products than a duty free shop)




As I said, Barbie is a gorgeous blonde, blue eyes, high cheek-bones, over 170cm, size 6 maybe, C-cups or bigger. She asked me if I wanted to have a shower, to which I said yes even if I had had one at the hotel. After the shower she guided me to a dark room with neon lights and the most horrible pop music you could imagine. She offered me to start with a striptease, but I declined in the hope of another better form of foreplay. I undressed Barbie but soon she guided me to the bed. Now, soon it became clear that kissing was out of boundaries, in fact any form of hug or embrace was avoided by her who wanted to remain on top on all four, just softly touching my willy... little AndyJ wasn't coming to the party (hey, what party?). At any requests from me, Barbie was showing a mix of apathy and contempt. Any attempt to charm her, smile, etc. wasn't working either. I also suspect that her English is actually better than the one she was willing to employ.


Now, here's the situation. I had already paid and I was fearing the worst... actually I was wondering if a 2 metre tall pole would appear from another room and throw me to the street butt naked if I complained too much. I even contemplated just leaving... but I did another attempt, this time went from behind and started kissing her buttocks and made my way down. Surprisingly, not only she let me give her some oral but she changed position to allow for it better. I could see that her body responded, her nipples went hard, she got wet... but she did her very best not to express any emotion. By then little AndyJ had joined the party and she expressed it was her time to give oral.


She reached for a condom and somehow the thought of a mechanical shag hit me like a flash. In the meantime little AndyJ was demanding my attention: "Pst, pst, mate... offer her ten euros if she does it without a condom". I was sceptic but I offered her, and since money is a language she obviously understands, she agreed. She started softly, and gradually the rythm got faster as I masturbated her accordingly. To her credit, it was damned good and getting a BBBJ from a girl who looks like that is something that does not happens everyday. Now, I don't think that coming inside someone's mouth is something vile and degrading, but I've always had this psychological barrier that once I establish a personal connection with a WL, I'm not able to CIM. However, Barbie's apathy made it perfectly possible and that was the first CIM of my life. She even kept sucking after I came. We both knew that nothing could top that and that has been the climax of our meeting. She went to rinse her mouth and I got dressed well before the end of the hour.


While I wouldn't see her again, I think the experience ended up being more than worth it. She did give me a smile once everything was over (I'd like to think that with my seeds a bit of warmth and social skills were transmitted, but that's a bit too vane from me). She had the courtesy of calling me a taxi and we said goodbye in good terms.


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