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Private Escort (Warsaw) - October 2006 - Mejka



Second day in Warsaw, or first one considering I arrived the previous night. After my average experience at S-Studio 2, it was time to get my act together. So, after surfing through a few naughty links, I ended up shortlisting a (rather big) selection of local beauties at http://www.odloty.pl who work privately, their place or mine.




Okay, first step, I got myself a local SIM card for my mobile in case they wanted to call me back or something like that. It's so amazingly easy here in Poland to get one. Cheap too; for only 9 zl (2.50 euros) I got one with around 10 minutes of local calls.


As the night came down I had to shake my phone phobia (some of you may have heard of it) in the worst of scenarios, that is, not knowing if I was going to be understood at the other end of the line. Oh my god, how much I hate phones, just imagine this. To make a long story short, most of the calls went something like this:


AndyJ: English?

Girls: Polski

AndyJ: Deutsch?

Girls: Polski

AndyJ: Arrrrrgggggghhhhhh... Sorry... Bye.


To make things worse I was visualising them as heavenly angels (based on the pictures from the website) and girls I had seen on the street. So, here's a tip: if on that website it says that they speak little English, that means that they don't speak English at all. If it says that they speak medium English, that means that they don't speak English at all... but you may get lucky and find one who actualy does speak a few words... and that's how I met Mejka. Actually I thought I was meeting Ola but her friend Mejka came to see me instead. At least she was honest about it... not that I would've been able to tell the difference anyway but good on her for being upfront.


Anyway before that, it was the wait. There I was waiting in my hotel room not knowing what the future had for me. Wondering if it was going to be a scam. All my worst fears went through my head. Tic tac, tic tac... there I was waiting for any sound coming from the corridor. Ten minutes after the agreed time, there's a knock at the door, the truth was about to be revealed. I opened the door and all my fears disappeared, a very pretty girl was there waiting with a smile. I let her in, and after handshake and kiss, I asked her if it was 200 zl for the hour, she said yes plus 50 zl for the taxi, all together something like 90 euros. Was it value for money, well looks were good, but the answer depended on her service and I was about to see.




Mejka is in her early twenties, size 8, B/C cups, brown hair and beautiful grey eyes plus very soft pale skin. We started by having a shower together where we tried to break the ice. A few kisses and touching got me in the right mood. We then moved to the very small single bed I had and gentle kissing evolved to passionate pashing. I gradually made my way down and offered this girl the best DATY I could give as a token of appreciation and the hope of getting the same from her. The time arrived for her to pay her dues and HURRAY... the condoms remained sitting on the bedside table. Mejka gave me a fantastic BBBJ that went forever. I think that she wanted me to CIM for the intensity but not sure if I was going to be able to come twice, I suggested to switch to intercourse. The condom came on and we went through a few positions and we finished with a bang. Time to relax and try to communicate a little. Mejka's English wasn't that bad, she could hold a conversation. She told me that she was in Melbourne years ago, so there was something to talk about too.


After a while, I couldn't resist and we went for round two. All that for 90 euros is certainly good value. Maybe still expensive for their standards but hey, I should've learned a few words in Polish before coming here, so I cannot complain at all. Mejka is only for a short while in Warsaw; she's from somewhere else in Poland, so not sure what you can do if you come here and want to see her. However, I suspect that there are many more like her where she came from! ;-)


Just one note before I close. At the hotel, Big Brother was watching. Since then I have found many flyers put conveniently next to my front door. First I wondered if it was Mejka when she left but the flyers kept coming well after she was gone. Funny and a bit scary at the same time. Anyway, one more night in Warsaw and let's see what the future has for me. You'll find out soon.


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