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Allure - 26/08/06 - Paige



Last night I went to Allure looking for Eva, whom I seen before a few times but she was away and apparently due to return pretty soon.




It was a shame because I get on well with Eva and our rendezvous have been getting better with each visit. However, the receptionist informed me that there were five girls available, which surprised me as it was Saturday night. Maybe the rain kept punters away last night.


Anyway, if I remember correctly they were Carly (slim brunette, GFE on offer, must try her one night), Chantelle, curvy English girl whom I seen and reviewed before, she offers a fantastic service; she was looking very fresh and tanned back from holidays; there was Chelsea, very young and attractive, and very slim too, but kissing and DATY were on offer only by extra money. There was Kitty (I think) who is a new girl, very friendly at the intro but suitable for those lovers of Rubenesque figures… and last by not least (just as I was tossing between Carly and Chantelle)… the door opened again and a beautiful girl who wouldn’t be out of place as a ballerina in a photograph by David Hamilton, came in and introduced herself as Paige.


Now, I’ve heard of Paige before; there is absolutely no chance that the availability of a girl like that in a Sydney parlour would remain a secret for more than 24 hours. However, like many things you read on Internet forums, you always take them with a pinch of salt. But this girl is indeed beautiful. I have to say though, that I’ve also read conflicting reports about her service but it would’ve been simply foolish to pass up on her at least this one time. I thought of a cautious introductory 30 minutes booking, but she looked friendly, and also I noticed that from September prices are going up (30 min.=$150, 45 min.=$200, 60 min.= $250), so I booked her for 45 min. at the current rate of $180. Mind you, no questions asked by me, I just took a punt with this pretty and very young girl.




I’ve read also people describing Paige as a Lindsay Lohan lookalike but I don’t quite agree (there is certainly a very remote resemblance but Lindsay has a round type face and Paige doesn’t). I think she looks more like a very young Lara Flynn Boyle, and I mean from way before you saw her in some TV series. Paige has long dark straight hair though. She is nineteen, a size 6 or 8, A or B cups with lovely small pink nipples, between 165 and 170 cm, green or blue eyes, freckles and a very well toned body with a killer little bum. She and her bum guided me upstairs after the receptionists fixed me a drink, did the routine inspection and stayed in the room while I had a shower. When I finished my shower she let reception know for them to start counting. She wasn’t undressed though, so getting to that point became the first part of our foreplay.


She seemed to enjoy having her nipples kissed but soon I realised that kissing in the mouth was not on. Here’s where I remembered the conflicting reports about her; someone described her as totally GFE with lots of kissing but I wasn’t that lucky. Maybe if you’re closer to her age, you fate may differ, I don’t know, this time I wasn’t at the lucky end of the stick. There was mutual kissing but the mouth was off limits. I went down and while I managed to steal a few kisses down there she told me that that wasn’t on either, not without a dam. Now, I understand and respect that sort of choice, particularly when it’s not offered as an extra either… but she said it was the House’s rules, to which I couldn’t do anything but laugh in disbelief. For Melbourne guys reading this, imagine if a new girl tells you that at The Grosvenor, for example. It is something I can expect in a Queensland parlour but not at Allure, where every single girl I’ve seen has had no problem in me going down on them… and the ones I haven’t seen, it’s not because they don’t offer it but because they charge extra for it (actually one girl only: Chelsea).


I’m not saying she was trying to fool me, because a simple “I don’t do that” is enough for me to get the message, she won’t be the first one. I don’t know, maybe is one of those things management has to tell the girls expecting and hoping the girls will disobey; maybe it’s a ploy by the other girls so Paige does not steal their regulars, maybe even a management plan to avoid people queuing up along Parramatta Road to see a gorgeous nineteen year old while the other girls sit there waiting for clients. I don’t know but next time I see the manager, I’ll ask her what the deal is.


Now, despite I couldn’t describe Paige’s service as GFE, she’s really far from being mechanical and she gets enthusiastically into the action, including some rubbing and teasing with the private parts that sent junior to the roof. Then there is that super tight heaven she has between her legs, which makes it a more than memorable experience. She is very accommodating when it comes to positions and has a very honest approach during intercourse… she enjoys herself but no loud fake moaning or anything like that. After I came, we had a bit of a nice chat and from it I realised that Paige has been working a bit too much for someone just starting in the industry, saving for some holidays. When she comes back she’ll try to work less often than now, which is probably a good thing. When time was up and I went for my shower she stayed there having a nap, a beautiful sight indeed.


Later, after a break from the industry and a new short stint at Allure, Paige would change her name to Ivy.


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