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Le Boudoir - 27/04/05 - Sarah



I know your review is about one year old but I feel glad I came across it.


A few weeks ago (way before finding your message) I ended up in Le Boudoir and Sarah was the only girl available. I was quite pleased when I saw her coming down the stairs for the intro, since I was expecting the worst (after a non eventful afternoon trying at nearby brothels)


I only booked her for 30 minutes, and as you pointed out, she looks even better without clothes on. I like athletic women, so her toned body was definitely a plus. However, once I touched her I found that her flesh was much tougher than what it looks like. Since she has a bit of a weird voice (for moments it sounds like a male impersonating the thin voice a female, maybe just a bad day anyway), I started to get the weird doubt about her original gender. Mind you I've never been with a tranny (neither pre nor post op), so this weird doubt was probably founded on my lack of info, so please don't flame me. Unfortunately in a 30 minutes booking there isn't much time to observe (she soon kneeled down to give me oral) but her genitalia looked normal enough from the distance.


She then led me on top of her (missionary style) and that's when I got completely disconcerted because she feels tighter than a virgin. So I thought, wait a second, what hole is this? Unfortunately, I didn't get to see either. Since it was so tight I came in no time. So I thought of 4 possible reasons: a) she really has a extremely tight vagina or B) that's her hand (but I would be able to tell the difference), c) She's using her hand to partially close her vagina (if this is possible at all), or B) that was her rear entry instead... it certainly felt like it (but what girl would give you her arse so freely?)


In any case so many questions in my mind made an otherwise pleasureable experience not that enjoyable in retrospect. Now, as I said, I'm happy that now I came across your review because (you with more time with her) have put my mind at ease with respect to some of my dodgy doubts.



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