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September 2010 - Ladies for Gentlemen (Danni) - A Sure Thing



With all the times I've been to LfG I've not before caught up with Danni, a long serving, much reviewed, sultry babe just into her forties On FAI she may have been reviewed the most of all the gals at LfG except for Emma who would have popped her off in the last six months. I've never seen a bad review of Danni.


She greeted me at reception and lead me to the huge room with two beds. A little friendly chat and a couple of light kisses and she left me to shower. The wait must have been longer than usual as I had time to check some messages on my phone and do some other things.


While Danni got her gear off I took my position on the bed. She sat on top of me and started kissing. They were nice full kisses with some flicky tongue. She then moved up on my belly so her breasts hung over my face. I enjoyed sucking her nipples and feeling the weight of her breasts with my hands. Her breasts are very attractive, round and firm with nice nipples. Then she licked my nipples and surrounding areas. I rolled her over and continued the kissing where we'd left off. This lasted a nice while until Danni suggested a blow job.


Even though it was covered I have to compliment Danni on her oral skills. I was moved to mention it to her at the time. It was gentle but firm. The pressure was just right and the use of her fingers was very stimulating indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed it to the point where I didn't want interrupt it with a 69.


Eventually it was my turn. I enjoyed her tidy, tight pussy. It felt moist and with FIP I was enjoying this as well. After a while I laid along side her and stimulated her clit with my fingers while we pashed again. This seemed to do the trick to get her across the line.


It was then time for a little lube and into mish. Of course mish ain't mish for me these days unless it's with legs together along with some great kissing. This was where the problem started. It felt so tight and comfortable that it only took a few minutes before I couldn't hold back any longer. So much for a nice, long grind in mish, it was all over and so was I. Oh well. It left us time for a little chin wag. I better start with some pelvic exercises or something.


Were there any negatives to balance the review. None with Danni's skills or endeavor. Her personality was pleasant as well which I forgot to mention before. No, the only slight negative would be we didn't wait for the buzzer to finish up and head for the shower. I can't really complain as was late arriving and certainly enjoyed the stay. I just need a little better self control. :)


I look forward to leaving Danni on the To Do list as it was a quality, regulation LfG punt.

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Hey Flexi, dont worry about the buzzer... I am sure Danni did not short change you on time, just most of the time the receptionist does not buzz.

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