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Malaysia - JB - Music Lounges (2006)



Music Lounges.


After my back re-alignment at the Gents Saloons I strongly felt in need of a cleansing beverage and as any good traveler knows where you can here loud music you usually can find beer (even in a mostly dry country). So in my meanderings I came across a place called the Shanghai Music lounge and wandered in for a beer.


Now this is a bit disconcerting for a first timer – you walk in and are met by a large bloke who asks what beer you want. You select and are then led to a dark dark dark cubicle and there you wait. A few seconds later the aforementioned bloke yells loudly into a microphone, and you are soon joined in your booth by one of the establishment's ladies ...and usually your beer. The beer comes in a 1 litre bottle and will usually cost you about RM 25 –30 (advertised price is usually RM 20-21 which is happy hour price and does not include taxes).


Anyway the lady will pour your beer into a cold mug (usually not a beer glass) and then snuggle against you to try and solicit further purchases of beer and their services. At the Shanghai I was joined by Xio (??) or number 333 (to avoid confusions with other Xio's) who was very affectionate and kept offering to take me for "hot towel" and demanding more tips. No 333 was, I think, much older although it was too dark to tell – anyway I avoided the temptation to hot towel with her and drank my beer very quickly so I could leave without it costing me a mint.


My second experience in JB ... once again I leave with spots in my eyes due to pretty much skolling a litre of Tiger beer.


Summary – didn't see anyone at the Shanghai I would consider "hot toweling with"


Ok on to part three ... looking for some more action I found another Music lounge with many SW's patrolling the nearby streets. This one is called the OK lounge and has a similar setup to Shanghai Lounge except not quite as dark. It also seems to have much younger and slimmer girls working here. Ordered another Tiger and was shown to a cubicle. Waited ...waited and then * Boom * loud voice over microphone. Soon a nice lady joined me (No 88) and started chatting. Her English was quite good and her general knowledge belied the fact that she had never been to school and could not read or write. I spent a very enjoyable hour or so here drinking beer (RM 28.00 per bottle) and chatting with this lovely lady. The company of this lady (which included suggestive comments and the occasional grab of my crotch and my hand up her skirt) cost me RM 14.00 – we both sensed that the next stage was more than we needed – I didn't want the "hot towel" and I paid her as if I had taken the option so all sides got what they wanted. Me I got the company of an intelligent woman over a beer. She got paid and didn't have to wipe my baby batter out of her eyes.


Anyway after 2 bottles and RM 70.00 decided it was time to eat and go to bed like a good boy ... after all it was now dark and I had been warned that the streets of JB aren't safe after dark.

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