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Candy Club - 31/07/06 - Amber



If you, by any chance, have been following my reviews of the girls from The Grosvenor over the weekend. You, just like me, probably thought that I had had my fun and any more money spent on sex, would’ve been a bit of a waste. Well, we were wrong.




Thursday night I went to the Candy Club and as I wrote in one of my reviews. I left a bit annoyed, despite the presence of a couple of good looking lasses, because they were more concerned with a sex show which was about to happen than with functioning as a parlour. I did get a glimpse of a good-looking blonde and I asked for her. I was told that she was there for the show and that she was leaving right after. I also was told that her name was Amber and that she’d be back on Monday. I did not stay for the show and kept going to the G. where I saw Hayley.


In reality I only got a glimpse of Amber, not much of her face, but a good look of her killer bum. Despite an expensive long weekend coming and going to the G. (where I saw Hayley, Rebecca and Holly)... I decided to step in deeper financial shit and see Amber on Monday. When I got there I was told there was only one girl available and I got ready for the worst (I even thought that maybe Amber was a decoy the place uses to attract customers)... but, nope... it was in fact Amber. I asked her about her services and she said that she was pretty easy going, didn’t do anal, and did not DFK but that normal lip kisses were okay. As I saw a guy walking through the door one second after me, I directly informed Amber that she was booked. Went back to reception and paid.




Amber took me upstairs, gave me a quick health inspection and came back after I had a shower. Amber is a very sexy blue-eyed blonde, she’s a size 9/10 with nice B-cups and perky nipples and an overall tan. She told me that she used to dance, her body is really firm, but her curvy little bum is her best asset and being a buttman myself I went crazy with it.


She started with some teasing and ball licking. Then she asked me if I like to do 69 and I didn’t know how to say no (yeah, right!)... She put a condom on and she shoved her pussy straight in my mouth. It was freshly waxed; lovely. As the condom she picked was a tad small, it kept rolling up, so it served as an excuse to get rid of it for a second and to pleasure her from another position. You’ve probably noticed that 69 can be very restrictive when giving head to a lady. So I licked her until she got wet. She put another condom on (I got one of my own polyurethane condoms, which is the best thing next to bareback) and she jumped on top of me. She has such a lovely petite dancer-like body. We then switched to doggy and I finally came while bouncing on her bum. The kissing was actually more than fine.


After a bit of a massage I was mentally ready for round two, so, I turned her around and started sliding Junior in between her magnificent butt chicks. I knew I could come just by doing that but I wasn’t sure how she would’ve reacted, so I asked her for a condom. Unfortunately only latex ones left, which made the enterprise a bit harder. After a few minutes I decided that, I was going to finish by hand. So she took the condom out, spat on my cock (and I loved it!) and started jerking me off until I came a second time.


There was still time for a nice chat, and she even volunteered to go for a third time but I asked her not to worry, yet kudos to her.


Melbourne boys, hurry if you’re interested since she may not last doing this for much more time. She is a great looking girl, a bit noisy with the moaning though but very hot body indeed and a more than decent service overall. No extras were asked for.


PS, I believe that this is the same girl reviewed by Vytautas... but I think (and I may be wrong) that it is not the same Amber reviewed twice by CarlG.


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