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The Grosvenor - 29/07/06 - Holly



How do I start this one?... maybe by asking anyone who lives in Collingwood to please apply for a restraining order against me, so I can't go to The Grosvenor either. Three times in two days (four times if we count one I left without my booking) is a bit much for my pocket. However, I have enjoyed every second of it.




I do regret though the money I spent last night in lap dances. I could blame Diver and Slurpee for it but that would be the easy way out. In fact, I'm to blame because I cannot say no to a beautiful woman... it is for my own safety and comfort that I'm single after all.


I still don't see the point of strip joints, they work you out and there is no relief in the end. To make things worse, the first girl we came across at Centerfolds, left her silhouette burnt on my retina. Her name is Montana and her body is the athletic type like Jennifer Garner's, one of my weaknesses. Probably Slurpee and Diver were very surprised to see me opposing no resistance to the first dancer who came to offer her services. Anyway, after a later stop at Dallas, where no-one knows Diver's name... not! LOL, and another two lap dances, Slurpee saved me from certain punting temptation by giving me a ride to my hotel. Not knowing that his good Samaritan work would be spoilt with the light of a new day.


So, after a relaxed morning, I left my hotel in search of a Montana look-alike but soon I realised that my search would've been futile; so to save myself the time and trouble I put my mind in autopilot and ended up again at the G.


After all, in my Sydney exile, I've been dying to put a face to these girls' names. Five girls working, two of them busy (not strangely, Jane was one of them)... so, April, Scarlet and Holly came for the intro. Strawberry blonde Scarlet is probably more my usual type but from the three she's the only one who said she didn't kiss (although there was green light for most of the rest). Now, my non-kissing quota has already been used with Hayley, and understandably so, I wonder if the girl is even 20. But Scarlet in her late twenties/early thirties could do better than that.


So, I picked Holly, whose long dark hair reminded me a bit of Montana, and she pretty much did a great pitch by saying that she was up for anything and that she liked spontaneity. Credit card out, and booked for half hour... or so I thought. Note to myself, I have to improve my pronunciation of the letter "H", which in English not always is silent, so when I say "Half Hour" does not sound like "An Hour"... or if that fails, I should at least pay attention to the amount I'm charged on the credit docket when I sign it. Result, I booked her for an hour and I only realised the fact when the buzzer did not sound. Never mind, money well spent anyway as it would've taken me more than 30 minutes to finish.




Holly is a tallish brunette, attractive in a girl-next-door kind of way; probably a size 10 with C-cups. I only wish her bush was a little bit more trimmed... not that it was wild but when your tolerance is usually next to zero pubic hair, it matters. However, Holly's personality is without doubt, her most attractive feature and one of those girls who put you at ease in two seconds. She offered me to start with a massage but I declined the offer. Instead, we started with some full-on pashing, which gradually transformed into a series of kisses down her body, ending with some very wet oral provided by me. Yes the pubic hair feels a bit uncomfortable and probably prevented me from doing my best... but she did look like having a good time. After a while, I went up for some air and more pashing, and she decided to return the favour by giving me some great oral. Yes, it was covered oral but she's one of those girls who makes it feel like it wasn't. So, I sort of had to avoid coming since I generally like to finish with intercourse. She then mounted on top of me for some cowboy action and it felt great, she puts her muscles to great use. We then moved to doggy and the fun certainly continued. I sensed I was about to come and I asked her lay down on her tummy, and so with her legs together, she managed to squeeze every single drop out.


I wasn't up for another round, even after realising I had some time left, so she gave me a very relaxing massage and we ended up the session with a nice chat. The credit card bill will eventually arrive and the smile will probably disappear from my face but for the time being: carpe diem, my friends.


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