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Centerfolds - 28/07/06 - Montana



Okay, this is my first attempt to review a lap dance and I may fail miserably at it. I generally structure my parlour girls reviews with a "Skip if you just want the sex details"... but unfortunately, there no sex details here to skip to (as in penetration or similar)... so I'll keep it short.


New venue, spacious and comfortable since the girls don't keep pestering you for private dances (on the downside, maybe we wanted to be slightly pestered... LOL). There we were with Diver and Slurpee, when a brunette came and asked us if we wanted a private dance. They said no, I said yes. My mates were a bit surprised but to tell the truth, Montana suits one of my fetishes which is athletic fitness girls. Her body is a little bit like Jennifer Garner's and she also has a pretty face.


Now, the dance itself was a bit steep at 50 bucks. She did a good job as she noticed herself when I tried to stand up at the end. Not sure what a lap dance generally involves but this one involved full nudity, opening her legs and playing with her bits, sitting occasionally on my groin, and a non-paranoid attitude as to what I did with my hands (I didn't do anything as I wasn't sure what would make security throw me out but in the end I got to caress her bum a little bit)... I would've happily paid another 300 bucks or more to finish to job (read: have sex with her) but as we know, that's not option in these places. Verdict: As good as frustrating! Montana rocked my world though.


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