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The Grosvenor - 27/07/06 - Hayley



Once upon a time AndyJ went to The Grosvenor (mind you, not for the first time as AndyJ had been going to the G. from even before once upon a time)... and met a beautiful, fit as a horse, blonde who did not kiss nor did other depravities, many would expect from someone who after some time became my regular for a while.


She worked mainly weekends for just over a year and for some reason we clicked. I think I actually had a soft spot for this young girl, who I saw as doing something “illicit” for what it seemed pocket money. To put it differently, I practically never saw her as a professional WL but as the pretty girl next door doing something very naughty.


Well, last night I saw her ghost.




But the story of yesterday does not start there. In fact I have to go back to the morning when from the airport in Sydney, I called the G. to make a booking to see Rebecca at 3pm. No worries, done. As soon as I got to Melbourne I got in touch with a very illustrious member of this forum, whom I was looking forward to meet and we agreed to catch up for a beer after 4pm, once I had my other business out of the way.


In the meantime I had to go to my hotel, check in, have lunch, etc. I couldn’t check in as early as I tried and therefore I wasted a bit of time in the process. I wanted to get some chocolates for Rebecca because I hadn’t seen her in six months... So, instead of heading directly to the G. I stopped in the city where I failed to find decent chocolates in the little time I had to do so. I was running late, first time ever this happens to me going to the Grosvenor. Normally, I’m there well in advance but I got there five or ten minutes late.


I announced myself to the receptionist but after a few seconds of confusion and questions she informs me that I’m already there, that in fact I arrived a few minutes earlier than me and now I’m upstairs having a shower and that I’ll be there for an hour. She also admitted that in seven years of reception work, she never had a case like that. And in case you’re still wondering what the hell I’m talking about: someone stole my booking by passing as me (or whoever it was, shares my name and my predilection for Rebecca). Now, I know she wasn’t lying to me since I overheard her and Rebecca, who was still downstairs, trying to work out what the hell went wrong. I put it down to a bizarre coincidence and a good dose of opportunism from the other guy. I couldn’t go back in an hour but I’ll be back for her anyway; this time hopefully with some chocolates.


The receptionist was very apologetic, and organised an intro for me where only Tanisha was available. Not my cup of tea and hence, we kept talking with the receptionist who knowing my fondness for the blonde I was telling you about earlier, gave me a tip by telling me that a new girl, beautiful in that girl-next-door-doing-something-naughty-for-pocket-money kind of way, was working tonight, her name is Hayley.


I tried to work out what was the advantage of seeing Hayley, because if she was like my former regular, she wouldn’t kiss nor do other depravities, I now have become very much accustomed to. I even discussed this while having a beer with the other forum member an hour later, and he couldn’t see the point either. And having read his great reviews, it’s to be fully expected... LOL.


So, the night arrives, and I decide that I have to punt to right some wrong. First stop, Ladies For Gentlemen, where I met three mature ladies... I’m sure that a good time was guaranteed with any of them, but tonight I wasn’t in the mood for someone mature. I kept going to the Candy Club, and unfortunately I thought that Richmond being Richmond it was worth walking. I was wrong, a very long walk which only put me in a bad mood. Particularly because when I arrived, everyone working there was more concerned with a bloody strip show than functioning as a parlour. Very poor form in receiving people and organising intros. There were a couple of not-bad-looking girls, but I was in a bad mood and they started talking about extras, so I left. (I did spot a very good looking blonde who was there for the show and then going home... but worth revisiting when she’s working again.)


So, all this to come back to the place, that somehow I knew I was going to end up at, to see a girl, who deep inside, I knew I was very curious about. So, the night receptionist at the G. sends Hayley to meet AndyJ. Now, I don’t know if you remember the film Vertigo where Kim Novak, after her character’s death, presents herself to Jimmy Stewart with another hair colour and style, supposedly as another character. Hayley is a brunette version of my former regular, give or take a few differences. Disturbing?... I know. But the “pretty girl next door doing something naughty for pocket money” is definitely there.




When asked, Hayley informed me that she doesn’t kiss... but at least she did not bring up the possibility of doing it for extra money. I thought I had little to lose by booking her for half hour. Hayley’s physical description on the G. website is pretty accurate: Early 20s, size 10, C-cups, hazel or green eyes. Very pretty girl.


She’s also very shy but friendly... and this was only her second shift at the G. (my guess that it was only her second shift at any parlour). Now, the good thing is that Hayley did not attempt to start the session with a massage. Actually she went for a 69-like position, and I was completely surprised for a second... was she going to give me a BBBJ???... No, of course not. She proceeded to give some Spanish with her nubile tits. You know the puffy nipples that girls have at that age when they are just ripe. In fact her whole body is at that stage, with really tight skin, so tight it feels very smooth and feels like it will break if you’re not careful enough. I had a clear vision of her perfect bum and labia; unfortunately just too far for me to try to reach with my tongue... and I didn’t dare to ask if she’d allow that. I just let it go as I have done in many half hour bookings in the past. Maybe she welcomes it, maybe not, other guys will surely find out in due time.


She then put a condom on and gave some pretty good oral with just the right pressure and rhythm. At the right time she jumped on top and that was the beginning of several positions I drove her through until I came at the nick of time. I remind you that she is pretty shy, new to the trade but she’s also very accommodating. If you want girls to lead the action, Hayley is probably not for you... not yet. There was mutual respect between us and it was a pleasant half hour, it seems to me that for both of us. If you see her, please be nice to her. Take note that she’s only starting and while she hasn’t developed her skills to their full potential, she shows a very kind personality; it would be great to keep it that way.


After we finished, I helped her a little bit with the post-coital rituals which I’ve seen girls do more times than the ones Hayley has had to do herself; that is, picking up the towels and condoms from the floor, putting the latter inside a plastic bag, etc. It would be interesting to catch up again with Hayley after a couple of years time, if she decides to stay in this industry for that long. As I said, beautiful in that girl-next-door-doing-something-naughty-for-pocket-money kind of way.


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I met Hayley as well and I must say she was charming. Well that's the "G"


Did you ever have a session with "Sky" another of the "G"'s finest?

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Hi Clemstar,


I don't think I've got to meet Skye; I do remember the name from some review though. Cheers

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