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Liaisons - 26/05/06 - Lucy



After a huge week of work behind, I needed some serious relief.




I have come across many good girls in the last months offering different levels of service. This exploratory period where I haven’t seen my regulars as often as before, was somehow generated by economic rationalisation: Shorter bookings, less conversation, same or more amount of sex. Don’t get me wrong, I miss my regulars and while one is not available at the moment; I look forward to go down to Melbourne and catch up with the other one, whom I’ve been seeing for years. But going back to the girls I’ve met recently; I’m kind of happy that things have evolved the way they did and variety has become the new “black” for me. It is hard though not to adopt some of these girls as new regulars, the temptation is always there. However, something good of variety is that you may satisfy yourself depending on your mood. I work with my mind for a living and when more is demanded from me like last week, I tend to fancy uncomplicated, wild, passionate, animal sex.


Among the many parlour girls I have met recently, Lily at Liaisons is just perfect for that. You may not have fantastic conversation with her but her work ethic is impeccable apart from a very adventurous service. So, last night I went for Lily but she wasn’t there. For some reason the line-up consisted of only three available girls, a pale comparison to a few Fridays ago, when I lost count. Anyway, while none of them a stunner, the three girls came across as friendly. The first one who was a bit older than the rest seemed like a good candidate for wild, animal sex. There was however another girl, whom I remember from previous intros, who looked extremely sweet, young and innocent, her name is Lucy; not exactly what I was looking for but an offer always hard to refuse.


When the receptionist came back, I was trying to make my mind between leaving or staying, and if so, between Lucy and the more experienced passionate-looking one. Since I had asked for Lily when I arrived, the receptionist volunteered to make my choice easier by telling me who offered the closest service to Lily. In summary, any of them but the older one. Instead, she recommended Lucy as someone who offers an adventurous kind of service and who has people coming back for her. That solved my problem and booked Lucy for half hour.




Lucy is nineteen, has brown, maybe auburn hair, pretty face, grey eyes, pale skin, around 165 cm tall, a size 10/11, C-cups or bigger, pierced nipples (which don’t quite go with her very gentle personality). I have to say that until I got out of shower, I was a bit dubious about Lucy’s service because during that period between having been booked and before the start of the action, Lucy remained extremely quiet. Gradually I broke the ice with a few silly jokes but soon I realised that there was no reason to be afraid when Lucy’s first action was coming straight for a nice warm DFK pash.


I then slowly undressed her and after more kissing we moved to the bed. She thought it was time to reach for the condom but I had other plans. Gradually I made my way down to her freshly waxed pussy and proceeded to show this young girl that not everything was about my pleasure. I gave her some oral to the extent of making her wet and make her legs shake a little and then I went back for more pashing. She has very gentle lips, ideal for great GFE if that’s what you’re after. Last night I went with PSE in mind, but good GFE is hard to refuse, particularly because is not easy to find.


On with the condom and a blowjob plus three different positions of intercourse followed and then I understood what the receptionist said about people coming back for her. She’s one of those girls who has sex with you and makes you feel like you’re her boyfriend back after a long trip. Our timing was impeccable, finishing a few minutes before the sound of the buzzer for a bit of rest and chit chat.


I would certainly recommend her if you’re after some girlfriend experience. Her service is as sweet as she looks and everything was included as part of it. My thanks go to the receptionist (Madame maybe?) for guiding me through my choice. As I said in a previous review, I’m well overdue for a dud root (you know, that goes with variety) and I’ve got the feeling she saved me from it last night.


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