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Liaisons - 20/05/06 - Leah



It is kind of sad when you have to work on a weekend even at home. In the middle of the afternoon my head was about to explode and I had to let a number of thoughts go and continue with my task later with a clear head. A daylight punting session presented itself as the best solution, particularly when I still had a discount voucher for the daytime service at Liaisons. It was a case of use it or lose it, so there was no debate as to where I was going.




Now, I’ve been a naughty boy and I haven’t told you that I’ve been back for Lily since I wrote my first review on her. Reason being, I generally do not review the same girl twice but let me tell you that in my return visit, Lily gave me a service I won’t forget any time soon... it’s a pity for you that, as I said, I don’t review the same girl twice ;)


Now, Lily works at night, so that ruled her out for my daytime discount voucher. I also had to rule out the gorgeous-looking Brooke, another night-shifter whose review I have posted here too. So, it was back to meeting a whole new line-up of girls, which made my mid afternoon adventure much more interesting.


I really like terrace houses turned into parlours and it’s mainly during the day that they look special. They feel warm and make you relaxed. I often walk around Paddington looking at what houses would make the best parlour. Now, while I often walk into my favourite terrace houses in Melbourne without blinking an eye in plain daylight, the same task in my own town, practically my own suburb did not feel as easy. Besides, I left home thinking that a long uninterrupted series of very gratifying acts of fornication with several young ladies during the last months made the odds for a dud root extremely high.


So, I went in looking for any sign that would indicate danger. With the exception of a couple of girls, the line-up was completely different to the ones I’ve seen previously. Not a bad line-up by any means, though not as sensational as the one I saw here a few Friday nights ago, when I booked Brooke. However, another magical thing of the daytime shifts in terrace houses is that the girls are often very relaxed and friendly. The most relaxed and friendly seemed to be a Kiwi girl called Leah, who just sat here and started chatting with me about the Green-Mundine fight. Mind you, I did not watch the fight but the topic served more than okay to break the ice. It probably was one of the longest intros I have experienced and also one where sex was not discussed at all. Apart from her outgoing personality, Leah was very easy on the eye, so that made my choice not difficult. As this was an out of budget escapade, I only booked her for half hour and with my discount voucher, I handed $120 to the receptionist who gave me a part of that back for Leah.




Leah is, as I said, from New Zealand but I guess she’s been here for quite a while. She’s maybe in her thirties; has long dark blond hair, green or blue eyes, slim and medium height and I’ve saved this for last: an amazing set of natural and firm DD cups or bigger. Anything beyond C, I can’t really tell for sure, but they’re massive. I like tits but I don’t go crazy for them like some guys do... well, Leah is for these guys. A session of Spanish with her must be something to behold (I actually wonder why I didn’t do that).


Luckily, Leah remained friendly upstairs too. First good sign to dissipate my statistical fears about a dud root was some nice and gentle DFK, and as soon as we moved to the bed, some DATY. She is very responsive and was quite happy about it. She returned the favour with a bit of ball licking and then she reached for the condom. She tried one but Junior did not like it and rolled it up (I’m starting to think that it has a couple of little hands for this purpose that he keeps hidden otherwise). A good excuse to pitch my own polyurethane condoms that Junior likes

almost as much as bareback (Well... almost I said!). No worries, Leah was happy with them as well. After some CBJ, we started with intercourse. Some missionary which allowed for more kissing. We then moved to cowboy... (how could you not do cowboy with this girl and the view her lovely twins offer)... and some doggy to finish a bit before the buzzer.


Overall, a very good time had (and all this for $120 thanks to my voucher and no extras asked). Leah is friendly and she likes to chat too. She reckons she knows me from somewhere and chances are we have seen each other on the street, as we ruled out all other parlours I’ve visited. She said she’s been reviewed before under a

different name, I forgot to ask her which one.


One last comment about Liaisons; their website can be found under http://www.liaisons.com.au once again (they had a longer url for a while). Now, I have been lucky and left very happy all four times I’ve been there after many years of absence; so I hope they don’t consider me a troll if throw a small complaint, and that is about the photos on their website. The pictures on the “Meet the Girls” section are simply fake. They should know better than that before using pictures found on the Internet. We punters generally know our porn really well, so don’t try that with us please. The ironic thing is that very good looking girls do work at Liaisons as I said in a previous review. I

understand if they don’t want their pictures taken, but in reality a written description instead of photos and an up-to-date roster is all I’d ask.


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