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Flexi's 2010 Reviews

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2010 Review Index



Mattress Awards

My favorite accomplices for 2010, considered across a range of sex-related categories.


Shag Miles

A list of willing accomplices for 2010, including frequency and locations.


2011 Punting Objectives

Objective for 2011 is to dip my toe into the swimming pool of doubles, never had one with WL before. It seems there are plenty of options ranging from crazy Cristal to MC options to Dandy Belle. TS Jennifer has also raised a few interests to be explored. Maybe all of the above. :P


15 January - Ladies for Gentlemen (Mia) - Under The Radar

I tried for Charlotte but she couldn't make it to work so she recommended her good friend Mia. Mia is very attractive in a sultry way and was a really good lover. She was quite similar in many ways to Charlotte. Those two would definitely be a doubles prospect.


20 January - Scarlet Lady (Delilah) - Deliciously Different

This was a return visit to Delilah after a very enjoyable meeting at LfG some years ago. If anything, Delilah is more ornate now than she was then. I certainly enjoyed spending my lunch break with Delilah with an experience somewhere between GFE and PSE.


28 January - Studio 54 (Che Che) - Black Beauty

A most exciting and exotic lady. This was an amazing punt and my only regret is I never got to see Che Che again before she left. Amazing lips yielded amazing kisses and lovely Che Che did not hold back, wrapping her arms firmly around my neck and letting her soft kisses make a great punt even better.


8 February - Oasis of the North (Paris) - Crazy Baby

This was a spur of the moment punt and it turned out to be extremely memorable (in more ways than you would think). Paris is an attractive thirty something with large enhanced breasts and a bag of tricks that would do justice to Merlin. When Paris looks into your eyes and says "come here" it's time for trepidation.


10 February - Studio 54 (Ramona) - Lady In Red

Having been introduced to Ramona a couple of times by Maryjane, I was keen to catch up with her and finally it happened. A good time was had despite this one of the very rare times I couldn't get over the line in a 60 minute booking.


24 February - Scarlet Lady (Destiny) - Cold Comfort

This was one of my least memorable punts for 2010. Not that Destiny didn't do all the right things it was just that it lacked spark and excitement. Oh, and those cold lips didn't help.


3 March - Ladies for Gentlemen (Emma) - Fucking Emma

At the opposite end of the spectrum to Destiny was Emma. Enthusiasm by the bagful, variety, fun, awesome BBBJ and some of the best breasts I've had the pleasure of. This was the first of many Emma visits and I hope there are many more.


22 April - Naughty Times (TS Jennifer) - The Feast of Jennifer

Dear, sweet Jennifer, my beautiful Jennifer. I've seen Jen well over thirty times now and each time has been fun, exciting but relaxing at the same time. One of my favorite activities on the menu with Jennifer is BBBJ. Soft lips make for some great passing during most bookings.


23 May - Tender Touch (Yuki) - Better Than Coffee

This was not a well planned punt but it turned out to be very enjoyable none the less. Yuki was in my view about 30 years old and I didn't find out until Steelmaster pointed it out that she is closer to 50 years old. It matters not because Yuki was a great experience. She left me fully satisfied but wanting more.


24 May - Ladies for Gentlemen (Sharna) - LfG Strikes Again

Sharna was returning under the name of Simone, from an extended break, but it wasn't long before she reverted to Sharna. A well stacked lady with a great body, pretty face and friendly personality resulted in another very pleasant time at LfG.


26 May - Ladies for Gentlemen (Emma) - Emma v Flexi

In this booking the challenge was for Emma to get me over the line twice in an hour. She was successful, just, but not without a little help from myself. Notwithstanding Emma took the four points and I was a happy loser. I'm pretty sure Emma didn't like my review of this booking. Can't win 'em all.


4 June - Fetish House (Katherine) - Wet and Wild

This punt turned out unexpectedly good. Katherine is a BBW with very kinky ways. Stacks of spitty, wet kisses, a golden shower followed by some awesome straight sex had me very satisfied and very happy.


7 June - Hallam Penthouse (Leena) - Beautiful Red Head

After a strong recommendation by Rumpole, I headed on down to Hallam Penthouse to put Leena through her paces. Despite paying a little extra for kissing it turned out to be some of the hottest kissing I can remember. Leena is a very pretty lady who is tall with very large breasts.


17 June - Ladies for Gentlemen (Penny) - Young and Curvy

Penny is a very large, young lady. She loves kissing and is happy to be lead. Penny is going to appeal to a niche market. She's predominantly doing private escorting these days.


25 June - Fetish House (Aura) - Strange Places

Aura was a very pretty, curvy, big breasted, young lady who was very broad minded. She was able to take me to very strange places. This is about the only review where I've piked out on the detail.


14 July - Ladies for Gentlemen (Charlotte) - One Year On

Charlotte was my first review ever. It seemed fitting she would be my first review on the new forum approximately one year later. I think Charlotte was not quite as outstanding as I remembered her. It's likely because I've been spoiled since starting to use the forums about the same time I first met Charlotte. Having said that, she was still very good.


21 July - Private (TS Christina) - So So

This was a rare foray into TS territory without my beautiful little Jennifer. Whilst it was a pleasant experience it probably fell short of my expectation. Perhaps I've been spoiled in this field as well.


22 July - Ladies for Gentlemen (Monique) - Slim Chance

Mature and very skinny, Monique was not really to my taste. None the less she was energetic and a good kisser so all was not lost.


30 July - Ladies for Gentlemen (Sharon) - My Own Age

Sharon was a mature, curvy lady that did all the right things but just didn't hit the mark. I guess my interests are for my girls to be more youthful and more beautiful. Call me a dirty old man.


11 August - Ladies for Gentlemen (Tiffany) - Gorgeous New LfG Babe

What a babe, just gorgeous. I happened across Tiffany by chance and I'm so glad I did. Tiff had only been in the industry for about a month and only lasted another month before retiring. She has a very cute face and a delightful body and would be one of the most prolific and passionate kissers of all time.


25 August - Ladies for Gentlemen (Lady Lexi aka Penny) - Young and Curvy II

Penny is a very large, young lady that loves kissing. This was Round 2 where I experienced some of the best CG I can remember.


7 September - Ladies for Gentlemen (Tiffany) - Perfect Punt

Another trip back to LFG to see Tiffany on her last night and yielded some great things. This was the best yet. Tiffany was not seeking return business as she was effectively hanging up the condoms so I take it as a big compliment she put in such an effort. What a great girl. What a stunning kisser, I literally went home with bruised lips.


15 September - The Grosvenor (Cristal) - Porno Princess

Feeling a little miserable I decided I needed a punt to cheer me up. With a little research, it wasn't a hard choice to make. Who better to cheer up a dirty old dog than Cristal the wild one.


20 September - Ladies for Gentlemen (Danni) - A Sure Thing

Danni has been a regular at LfG for as long as can remember. I've read many reviews but we've never met. The time had arrived to meet this LfG legend.


2 October 2010 - Private (Lexi Swarovski) - The Swarovski Affair

I hadn't seen Lexi since she turned private. The opportunity for a "Private Escort" punt presented itself. Who to pick though, that was the question? The answer of course was the lovely Miss Swarovski and it turned out to be a pretty good choice.


14 October - 39 Tope Street (Yoyo) - Oral Expert

After hearing a lot of good reports about a couple of the gals at 39 Tope and after not sampling a bit of Asian for some time, I took advantage of a long lunch to satisfy an itch. This was an excellent punt with a great young lady with stand out blow job and deep tongue kissing.


16 October - 39 Tope Street (Rachael) - Gorgeous Face and Body

After being so impressed by Yoyo two days earlier I took advantage of a free Saturday morning to return to 39 Tope for a little more Asian fun. This girl was slightly more beautiful than Yoyo but not quite as good in bed.


22 October - Studio 54 (Emma) - Missing Emma

God I missed Emma. I was just delighted to learn she had started working again but this time at Studio 54. I've had some of my top punts at this parlour and Emma is right up there. The period between finding out Emma was available and getting to see her was long and lecherous period. God I missed Emma.


29 October - 39 Tope Street (Yoyo) - Oral Champion

After my last time with Yoyo, I couldn't wait to get back and enjoy some more of that outstanding oral, both her amazing kissing and her amazing BJ. This girl is probably the best giver of the perfect BJ that I've ever had and close to the best kisser.


5 November - The Grosvenor (Jane) - Sexy MILF

On impulse I called The G yesterday and made an appointment with the legendary Jane. I’d never met her before but had read many interesting reviews. Turned out to be a really excellent punt.


17 November - Naughty Times (Jennifer) - Finally Snagged Her

At a great meeting in October, it was arranged that next time we got together, it would be my second attempt at shagging Jennifer after a seven year break from trying to do so. As in happened, flexi behaved like a gentleman and it was a successfully snagging of this very sexy young thing. I'm looking forward to next time.


25 November - Private ACT - (Ambrosia Rose) - Melbourne Tour

I'd been talking to Ambrosia Rose (Amber) on email off and on, since being unavailable for her July tour. When she announced her November tour, I was keen to secure a booking. She's a very pretty young lass.


3 December - Ladies for Gentlemen (Megan Delany) - Melbourne Visit

I'd been trying to persuade this girl to visit Melbourne and she finally did. It turned out to be a booking (or is that bonking) that was very pleasant and passionate.


14 December - Westminster Secrets (Rhiannon) - Little Black Girl

I'd heard a rumour that there was a beautiful dark-skinned girl from Barbados operating from Westminster Secrets in Oakleigh. On further inspection, it turned out she was a delightful lass that will be putting up with more visits from me.


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