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Juanita - The Crimson Rose - Chapter 3 - The Fetish and Fantasy



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Saturday Evening, 6 April 2002


Part 1 - Rookie Teresa

During the early part of every Saturday evening the Fetish and Fantasy was a hive of activity, this was followed by a lull during the mid-evening building to another peak about ten o'clock. It was as regular as clock work. It was eight-thirty and the lull had begun. Cobra, Alexia and Juanita were impatiently awaiting the next chime of the door bell in the hope that one of their preferred regulars would provide a welcome break from the unproductive boredom of the quiet period. These slow spells were filled with a combination of chatter about makeup and hair spray at one end of the intellectual spectrum to detailed discussions on solutions to the world's most severe problems at the other. Occasionally the conversation would turn to work and they would discuss their more memorable or challenging sessions or clients. Tonight was no different with the exception that tonight was Teresa's first night.


Teresa was a very attractive twenty-five year old who was thoroughly disillusioned with her job as a waitress. She had been introduced to her new profession in a most unlikely manner by Gabby and Juanita. They first met about a month ago while Juanita and Gabby were having a drink at a bar known as "The Recognisance" after a shift. They'd gone into the main city area to meet some friends and had a little time to kill so they decided they'd get a drink while they waited. Gabby, being the owner of The Fetish and Fantasy and a very astute business woman was always on the look-out for potential new talent. She believed she could achieve very good results by finding the right person to start with and developing their skills from the ground up, rather than by hiring someone with experience who was possibly set in their own ways. In reality she preferred a combination of both. The beginner gave her some fresh blood to mould as she desired while the experienced mistress was generally a source of new ideas. After very little time and discussion with Teresa, as she served the drinks, Gabby had a fair idea that Teresa was not happy in her work and that her temperament was suitable to the role of a mistress. Rather than broach the topic at The Recognisance, Gabby invited Teresa to lunch the following day to discuss a business opportunity and the rest is history. A very short time later Teresa was self-employed as an apprentice professional mistress. She was the rookie.


Teresa had spent the entire past fortnight going through all of the aspects of becoming a professional mistress. The territory covered was broad by waitressing standards. Gabby usually invited the other mistresses to lead an apprentice through a series of role plays covering all of the basic fantasies and fetishes that would be experienced from day-to-day. Gabby herself always spent two full days going through the psychology of the clientele and keeping control during a session as well as her clients in a number of less usual scenarios. Now it was time to put all of the training into practice. Cobra, Alexia and Juanita were there for her on her first night. The initiation was under way.


"Well you've chosen the right place to start your career luv." said Cobra.


"I've been in this game now for about five years and I can tell you as someone whose worked in quite a few establishments in Sydney and Melbourne as well as a couple in London, this place is the best. Its friendly and fun, and most importantly its usually busy. You've met Gabby, she's the greatest. You do the right thing by Gabby and she'll do the right thing by you. If she can't she'll kill herself trying."


"That's encouraging. I couldn't stand working in an environment where there was a coldness or constant bitching." said Teresa earnestly.


"What I don't understand is how do I get to learn how to do all the different things the clients will come up with. We can't have covered everything during training. How did you guys learn?"


"You jump in the deep end and start swimming. Sink or swim girl, that's how we did it. If there's anything we can do to help, you'll find we're a pretty good bunch. Just ask and you shall receive." added Juanita.


"OK then let me ask each of two questions. What is your favourite session and your weirdest session? If you don't mind me asking, that is."


"Well speaking for myself luv" jumped in Cobra who doesn't require a second invitation to talk about herself, "I don't mind answering your questions but we do have one rule around here."


"What's that?"


"When we hold forum on our sessions the discussion must be kept anonymous. It's a professional courtesy to our clients. Don't ever forget without your clients your not a professional mistress you're a seat warmer."


"OK so the rule is we can discuss the content but not the client." restated Teresa.


"Right, and, we can discuss the client but not in the context of the session. The two remain separate." responded Alexia just as the door bell chimed.


"Why don't we start with our favourites." said Juanita.


They all agreed.


Gabby jumped up from the comfortable chair in the introduction room where she was deep in thought, planning some minor renovations she was considering for The Fetish and Fantasy.


"Well hello John. How are you Darling?" said Gabby who was always very warm with the clientele.


"Yeh, I've been good thanks. Been really looking forward to seeing Mistress Alexia again now she's back from holidays." replied John in a loud, confident voice that sounded like he was overcompensating for a case of nerves.


"Come in Darl, sit down and I'll have Alex come in and say hello. Did you want to have an intro with the others or just Mistress Alexia."


"Mmmm, no I'm sure I want to see Mistress Alexia so don't bother the others."


"Would you like a tea or coffee?"


"Coffee sounds great, white with two please."


"Make yourself comfy and Mistress Alexia will be with you shortly."


As John waited patiently in the introduction room the conversation in the staff room was gathering momentum. Cobra had just started regaling the small group with her story about her favourite session.


"Mind you, most of my sessions are rather pleasant. But this particular guy, wow."


"Alexia, John's here to see you" Gabby interrupted. "He'd like a coffee, white and two."


"Is he wearing that sexy after shave again Gabby?" asked Alexia as she filled the jug with water and spooned instant coffee into a mug.


"He sure is and he's got the most beautiful shirt on. It's pastel blue and look soft and silky. Hugs his body like a boa constrictor. Man, if I wasn't happily married I'd take him home."


"Got real bloody manners too he has. A right gentleman." said Alexia in her deliberately exaggerated "To Sir With Love" accent.


As Alexia left the staff room with John's cup of coffee, Juanita asked Cobra to continue with her story.


"As I was saying, there's this one guy. It started off with a very low key introduction. He was a really nice looking guy, early thirties, well built, nice face, but so nervous, you've got no idea. It was kind of cute though. Anyway, he was so nervous and embarrassed the poor guy couldn't even explain what kind of session he was after. I lead him through a question and answer sequence hoping my obvious openness would encourage him to relax and open up in return. Finally we sort of agreed on a really light session of some slave training, a sample of some light bondage and a spanking. I remember thinking at the time that this was going to very mundane. Little did I know."


Cobra, stopped to light up a cigarette and did so very slowly to create tension in the story. She loved to tell this story and Juanita had heard it what seemed like a dozen times before. She almost knew it off by heart.


"Yes sir, when he got into the dungeon he changed immediately. His nerves disappeared completely and he deliberately disobeyed everything I commanded just to ensure I punished him. I started with a spanking........


"So you actually have feelings for some of your clients then?" Teresa interrupted.


"Not very often. But I must admit, on the odd occasion I've met someone that I sort of click with and whose company I enjoy. This guy turned out to be one of the few."


"Do you ever see them outside of work?"


"Look, we're not supposed to mix our working and personal lives, Gabby doesn't like it. Teresa, I'll be honest with you since where going to be spending so much time together but I expect your absolute discretion."


"You have my word." said Teresa becoming increasingly fascinated by Cobra's story.


"Yes I see the ones I like outside work. One in particular has become quite a good friend. Remember, that's to be kept strictly between you and me."


"Please don't consider me a sticky-beak Cobra but when you say friend, do you mean friend or do you mean wink, wink, nudge, nudge, friend?"


Cobra looked at Teresa and her eyes smiled but she didn't answer the question.


"What about you Juanita, is it pretty much the same with you?" asked Teresa undaunted.


"It hasn't happened so far. I guess I just haven't had a client yet whose captured my sense of amusement and interest. I suppose under the right circumstances I'd consider seeing a client. I find most of my clients are too dull and predictable. I mean they're nice enough people and most are quite fun within a session but all I'm saying is in order to break Gabby's house rule he would have to be worth breaking it for. To date that just hasn't happened."


"What about the others?" said Teresa referring to the other mistresses.


Juanita responded, "As far as I know, Alex and Angie are both in permanent relationships so they keep their distance with the clients and in case you hadn't picked up on it yet, Sweden is gay so her clients are definitely business only."





Part 2 - Teresa's First Session - Sissy Slut


The discussion was interrupted again by the chime of the door bell and again Gabby went to receive the budding patron. No sooner had the client selected Juanita but the door bell chimed again and this time it was Cobra's time for a session leaving a slightly nervous Teresa on her own with the occasional interruption from Gabby. When the door bell chimed a third time in less than fifteen minutes, Teresa knew her time had arrived. Fortunately, it was Dean, a rather undemanding regular at The Fetish and Fantasy and well known to Gabby and all of the mistresses.


Teresa entered the introduction room and extended her hand to Dean.


"My name is Mistress Teresa. It's a pleasure to meet you Dean."


"Thanks Mistress, its nice to meet you too."


"What sort of session are you looking for today?" enquired Teresa, her confident voice well disguising the considerable nerves that had suddenly sprung to life inside her belly.


"Well Mistress, my thing is dressing up, if that's OK with you."


"Of course its OK with me. I really enjoy the process of transforming a tough guy like you into a sissy. It's one of my favourite sessions." Teresa reasoned that it wasn't really a lie as it really was something she knew she'd enjoy. Just because she hadn't done it before with a client wasn't important.


"How do you want to frame the session Dean?"


"What do you mean Mistress?" asked Dean who already knew the answer but thought it may draw some new ideas to play a little dumb.


"You know, what sort of role play do you like? Do you want me to force you to dress? Do you want some discipline? Do you want me to fuck you or make you give me head?" said Teresa referring to including some dildo action in the session.


"What I really like Mistress, is being woken up in the middle of the night and being forced to dress up while I resist. I like it when Mistress punishes my reluctance with a spanking. And I like it when the dress up is finished including the make over and nails, I'm paraded before the other mistresses for their display of appreciation of my beauty. I haven't given Mistress head before but it sounds exciting; I'd love to try it please."


"That's great Dean, thanks for your completeness. I now have a good picture of the session. I think it will work really well. I'll leave you now for a short while Dean. Madame Gabriel will show you to a dungeon where you will shower and be asleep in the bed when I return. Do you understand?"

instructed Teresa transferring Dean from the introductory discussion to the dungeon with the change in tone.


"How long do you wish to stay today Dean?"


"I'd like a one hour session please Mistress."


After several minutes Gabby returned, settled the finances and took Dean to 'The Sissy Room' where the wardrobe was varied and extensive. There was a complete range of dresses, skirts, blouses, high heels, stockings and tights, underwear and breasts. The range of make-up, eye shadow, mascara, nail polish, lip stick and perfume was expansive. There were many wigs covering the spectrum of length, colour and styles. Dean completed the shower and decided in what position he would lie on the bed when he heard Teresa's footsteps approaching. In the meanwhile he busied himself by making a mental selection of the outfit he would wear if Teresa allowed him to chose for himself. After what seemed like about ten minutes the tell tale creaking floorboards foreshadowed the approaching footsteps. Dean dropped immediately onto the bed in the pre-arranged form and took a series of deep breathes.


"Michelle, wake up you lazy little girl! Wake up immediately or you'll feel the sting of my hand." Teresa had decided before returning that Dean's sissy name would be Michelle. Michelle didn't stir a muscle but lay in apprehensive anticipation of what was to come.


"I will not tell you again you little bitch. Get up now and get dressed, my friends will be here shortly and you are to serve them tea."


Without warning Teresa leaned over the bed where Michelle was stubbornly holding her position and gave her a firm slap on the left buttock. Michelle sat up like a sprung mouse trap as Teresa issued a series of instructions a rapid fire succession. Even if she'd wanted to Michelle could not have carried them all out without forgetting some detail or other.


"You pushed me to far Michelle. I'm going to give you a wake-up call you won't forget in a hurry."


Teresa grasped Michelle by the wrist and dragged her to her feet. She then sat on the edge of the bed and placed Michelle across her knees.


"This is because you have been a naughty girl and have not done as you were told. You may beg for mercy Michelle if you must but if you wish to get back into my favour you will take your punishment in silence."


Michelle waited uncomplainingly for the spanking she knew was imminent. Teresa, as learned only a week before, began the spanking with a series of gentle taps interspersed with the titillation of soothing massage. After a minute or so the taps became more full handed and slightly more strenuous while the soothing massage became more of a gripping squeeze. Teresa knew because of the slowness of the build- up the spanking would be an act of pleasure for Michelle rather than one of pain. Teresa could see clearly the warmth identified be the redness building in Michelle's cheeks. She could also tell be Michelle's moans of pleasure and gentle writhing that she was doing well. She continued to build the spanks in speed and weight periodically stopping to squeeze and rub the well reddened buttocks and thighs of the adoring Michelle.


"Have you learned your lesson you bad little girl?"


"I'm sorry Mistress. I'm sorry I've been a wicked girl. I think I deserve more spanking Mistress to help me remember my manners next time."


Teresa felt a sense of satisfaction that she had Michelle virtually begging for more, on her first ever 'real' spanking. She continued spanking for another minute but knew that there was a lot yet to be done and they only had an hour together.


"Now stand up and beg for my forgiveness. Bad girl!" said Teresa over emphasizing the last two words.


They were now ready to embark on the next stage of the session that being the dress-up. Teresa had no intention of letting Michelle select her own outfit. She instructed to stand still and be quite while she chose from the wide assortment of options before them. She started with a pair of delicate, black lace nickers and a matching camisole with a solitary, small butterfly on the right shoulder strap. She then selected a pair of polystyrene breasts.


"Put these beautiful breasts on first Michelle. I hope you've always wanted large breasts, these are just perfect. I love breasts with dark areoles and large nipples. When you've attached your lovely breasts you are to put on the underwear while I continue the search for the rest of your outfit."


"Thank you Mistress! Your taste is impeccable. Look Mistress these tits look just like real ones, they're great."


"Michelle, you are to hold out your hand, immediately." commanded Teresa.


On blindly obeying, Michelle received three firm blows on the hand with a riding crop each one causing Michelle to issue a loud ouch.


"In my dungeon you will refer to the wonders of the female human body by their correct anatomical names. I will not have you or anybody else use disrespectful terms such as 'tits' to describe such magnificent appendages. The term Michelle is breasts. Do you understand?" Teresa said in a very strict voice.


"My deep apologies Mistress. It was very rude of me. It will never happen again."


Teresa selected a white, cotton skirt with the intention that the black nickers would be visible through the material. She also selected a black, woolen, sleeveless jumper with small imitation pearls surrounding a deep vee neck line intended to show Michelle's ample breasts. A pair of black, high heels and matching handbag and a long blonde wig completed the transformation.


"You look quite pretty Michelle. I can't wait to see you when we've finished the make over."


Teresa sat on the bed next to Michelle so they were facing each other. She skillfully applied the various cosmetics as Michelle sat motionlessly enjoying the close proximity of Teresa as she worked and appreciating the youthful beauty that he hadn't noticed before that moment. Michelle felt a stirring in her nickers which was a not so subtle reminder of her manhood.


"We're done Sweetie. You may stand and let me inspect you my little petal. You are very lovely Michelle!" said Teresa as Michelle walked back and forth along an imaginary cat-walk spinning at each end to swing her hair and skirt. Michelle felt terrific as she caught sight of her new image in a full length mirror on the far end wall of the room.


"Here, come with me!" said Teresa as she held out her hand in an indication she would be leading Michelle to the staff room.


On entering the staff room Teresa and Michelle saw Cobra and Juanita talking, drinking coffee and smoking.


"Mistresses, may I present Michelle. She is my new little sissy and she has a foul mouth for which she has been punished. What do you think? Does she satisfy you?"


Juanita was first to react. She walked over to Michelle and inspected every aspect of her dress and make-up carefully. She rubbed the back of her finger tips across Michelle's lips intentionally smearing the lip stick. Immediately Cobra jumped up and growled,


"I think you look like a slut. Your make up is a disgrace. I want you out of my site slut. I hope Mistress Teresa sees fit to punish you for wasting our time. Don't start crying you little bitch or I'll give you something to cry about. Take her away Mistress Teresa and discipline her for being pathetic."


As Teresa lead Michelle back to 'The Sissy Room' Juanita challenged Cobra's attitude.


"That was a bit harsh, don't you think?"


"Not at all, she loved it. Anyway I'm still in a bad mood about my last session. I feel better already now I've let of a little steam."


When Teresa and Michelle arrived back to 'The Sissy Room', Teresa could sense that Michelle had not enjoyed the encounter with Cobra.


"Never mind about Mistress Cobra, she is having a bad day. I still think you look very pretty Michelle. Let be fix you lip stick and then you are going to go down on me."


"Thanks Mistress. You are very kind."


After lightly reapplying Michelle's lip stick, Teresa selected a strap-on dildo from the numerous selection on display and strapped it around her groin. She positioned herself comfortably on the back of a heavy, grey leather couch at the end of the room then beckoned Michelle to come to her. Michelle, not having done this before, and still a little shaken from Cobra's remarks, approached Teresa tentatively and on arriving dropped to her knees.


After a couple of minutes Teresa said, "You learn quickly Michelle or perhaps you have done this before. Maybe Mistress Cobra was right about you, maybe you are a slut."


As Michelle motioned to speak Teresa admonished her,


"Don't waste time speaking, continue with your assigned task until I instruct you to stop."





Part 3 - End of the First Evening


"Well Teresa, how was your first night?" asked Gabby as she prepared to close The Fetish and Fantasy for the night.


"I think it was a definite success. I had four clients. The first was the cross dresser, then two slaves requiring moderate discipline and finally a guy interested in Bondage 101. Yes all up I'd say I loved it and I can't wait until my next shift."


"Nothing you couldn't handle or you were uncomfortable with?"


"Nothing that springs to mind Gabby. I felt like I was in total control the whole time. All my clients were polite and probably quite nervous. I just wish you'd met me five years earlier."


"That's great Teri. I'll see you Thursday evening then Darl." said Gabby sincerely and introducing a nick name for Teresa she hadn't used before.


"Good night Gabby!"


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