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Charlotte Lane Feb 2009



Hi guys, after several hintsfrom other FIA guys I have decided to write my review of Charlotte Lane.




As like most 'happily' marriedguys I have been punting on and off for several years, mostly with agencies,brothels and the occasional R&T whenever in Sydney.


Generally I have found both theadvertising on the net and the price tag of Sydney Private WL's to be quitedaunting but since you only live once and the great feedback you get throughFIA believe that the reference 'punting' seems more like a 'sure thing'.




Anyway, decided to try my luckemailing Charlotte a couple of weeks before my upcoming Sydney trip andcertainly she was quite pleasant and accomodating on the emails. Very friendlyand even flirtatous in the interactions. Really helped make me feel at ease andshe walked me through the second key to the concierge issue with my Hotel toease the embarisment of having the escort visit my room.




Now Charlotte had a drinksnight organised with a few of her friends for the same evening and although Iwas arriving into Sydney the same evening decided to try for a later hook uprather then 8.30pm as you know Qantas will more then likely stuff it up for mein the arrival situation.




All was set, key was allocated,shower, freshen up and boy was I nervous. Then at the allocated time, the SMSgoes off and she is running late from her party. Bugger, cool the heels, watchTV, what to do. Perhaps this was her little game to keep the guys hanging alittle longer. All girls like to keep guys waiting.




Anyway finally she arrives andappologises for being late. No kiss on the lips but a pek on the cheek.




I had organised a bottle ofMoet to break the ice and and we settle onto the couch. A short chat and itseems Charlotte is starting to fall asleep on me, has she had a little to muchcelebrating before our meeting, me wonders??




So about an hour of chattingand touching takes place and too be honest it all seems a little robotic. Nospark, no heat, don't know if its me, the party or the alcohol but I justwasn't feeling it.




Decided to let it pass, themoney changed hands, some more DFK the Charlotte decided she needed to go andchange into some other undergarments. Don't really see why, but it seems partof the method to break the rythm of the evening.




Sexy undergarments adorned,waste of time and of course my money and then the heat is turned up.




Some more DFK, lap rubbing butnot really, then she drags me to the bed. We kiss and roll around a bit,clothes get removed then the BBBJ starts. Pretty good with a lot of tounge workand shaft work but not the best I have had. There was no way the BBBJ was goingto get me over the edge so decided to try a bit of DATY.




Like everyone else has said sheis very sensitive and I had to be very careful to not get to carried away atthis, I normally go for a lot of clit licking and clit sucking which normallydrives the girls right over the edge but not with Charlotte. Anyway, proceededto DATY and really wanted to get her to blow, got her there and decided it wasmy turn.




The usual condom went on usingthe mouth technique and some cowgirl action. A bit of complaining that my shaftwas too wide at the base and my recently shave pubis causing her somediscomfort then decided to go for the mish then doggy.




Finished with doggy, had aclean up then ready to go again. Don't normally need much rest period as thelittle fella down under is quite energetic and ready for anything.


Now this is where it gets a bitstrange, I had cleaned up after the orgasm and was looking forward to a littlemore BBBJ this because Charlotte said she wasn't keen on more penetration atthis time. Anyway, BBBJ wasn't on and although the mouth and tounge were usedfor teasing it was down to a straight handjob.




I mean really, if this was whatits about I could have gone to my regular R&T place and walked out with alot more cash in my pocket. The handjob was a bit ordinary and as she keptlooking at her watch there was no way I was going to get over the line again.




Off she trots to the shower,dresses and leaves the room bang on the 2 hour mark.




Looks: 7/10.


Timing: 7/10


Technique: 6/10.


Attitude: 3/10.




I am sure to the right guysthis girl is right up there at the top end of town but for this little pumpernot my cup of tea. I wish I had saved my $$$ and invested in somewhere else.




Will I see her again - nobloody way.


Would I recommend her toothers- it depends on what your after, this girl seems quite non-genuine anddistant. Really made me feel like she was better then me, probably because Ihave to pay for sex and she doesn't. She wasn't my cup of tea but thendifferent pokes for different blokes. Whatever rocks your boat guys.




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