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Pumper does some Portuguese feb 2009




Anyway, here I am at home,can't get Chantal out of my mind so I plan my next business trip north to getmy fix.




Several emails, sms text andphone calls to this lady and she sounds very keen.




Tells me that she was reallydestroyed after our last session and she really wants to see me again foranother go around.




The night before our adventurethere is lots of sweet sms messages going back and forth, she tells me she justcompleted a long yogu workout to make her flexible for our meeting and that shehasn't had sex for a week and was horny as hell to see me.




Mmm this is gonna be good Ithink to myself. Purchase some nice lingerie from the airport on the way in toreally set the scene and see how she rewards me for the effort.




The night rolls around and the8.30pm time goes by with another sms saying she is running late and that shefrigged herself off in the bath just thinking about our upcoming adventure.


Planned to meet in the bar forsome more cocktails this time and eventually we hook up. As I wasn't going tosee her around Valentines day I make the gesture and organise a single red roseto give to her when I meet in the bar.




She loves the rose, deep, deep,FKing and hugging and hand holding, this girl really knows how to act like youreally are her lover.




A couple of cocktails later andshe starts trying to get me hard in the bar, no better get the bill and moveonwards and upwards.




Next thing I know she outsidehaving a smoke, I think WTF is this about, this wasn't on the menu.




We finally make it to the roomand its all about the gift, about an hour wasted playing, trying on and playingsome more.




Eventually we get to the sexand its on again. Plenty of DFK all the time, BBBJ, DATY and lots of talk aboutmaybe we should make this something more then WL/client relationship, etc, thatshe would have to meet the parents, etc, I am starting to fall for thisgirl.....




So the sex is on, DATY tocompletion again, some more self frigging for her and greek attempt again whileshe climaxes a couple more times, she really isn't enjoying the greek so weleave it out for now and try everything else.




There is talk of blood testingfor our next hook up to allow more personal service and overnight meetingsbeing thought about.mmm.




She breaks it up about 4.5 hrsafter we meet then tells me she has to charge me another hour as I only bookedfor 3 hours and she was having such a good time that she went way over time.


After she left there were textmessages telling me she missed me and really wanted to move to the next levelof the relationship.


I make a proposal for theovernight, the full fee is way too steep for my pockets and she starts gettingupset.




Telling me things like this isonly a working relationship and if I ask for anything else outside of theovernight then I am a user and taking advantage of her.....it takes two totango and I guess this girl puts it on so thick that she loses sight of what'sreal and what's not during the time together.




How did I feel, well stupid mepaid the extra $500 for the 4th hour thinking that I was gonna get to spendsome regular overnight sessions with a nice girl who really has a nice timetogether.




Has she returned any of my followup contacts for the detailed over night hook up...no.




I guess she got what shewanted...my cash.




My advice to fellowpunters...give her a try but remember she really plays the GFE thing to theextreme. Don't get caught up in her games like I did, its just sex and somefantasy I guess. As she was my second private WL I guess I learnt my lesson.




Would I venture there again...no bloody way. Way to hurt now and looking for straight forward physical sexwithout all the GFE bullshit that comes along with girls like this.





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