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Pumper does a Russian Princess March 2009



It continues to amaze me timeand time again that each new experience in this punting lifestyle has thepotential to disappoint and at other times completely knock your socks off.




On this occasion it is thelatter and it is my belief that I will be unlikely to experience another puntto eclipse this one until I see this lady again.




On my last night in Singapore Iattempted to make contact with the lovely Russian princes ‘Tatiana’ as she isknown here in other FIA reviews.


I sent Tatiana a text and shewas free, and a time to meet and get to know each other was set. The overnightdate would not eventuate this time due to the lateness of my contact but nonethe less a good time would be had.




Now I’d seen photos of thisgoddess but nothing prepared me for the intense natural beauty that waltzedinto the hotel. About 5’5” dirty blonde, great skin, high cheekbones, plumplips, great curves and firm fit flesh, hair like gossamer with a body designedby da Vinchi and sculpted by Michelangelo.




We spent some getting to knoweach other time over wine in a quiet corner of the hotel bar, this lady isintriguing, desirable and mature, I’m not sure of Tatiana’s age but I’d guesslate 20’s early 30’s. Conversation was a little stilted to begin, English isTatiana’s second language and she has only been learning this for 2 years, weeventually found that comfort zone. Our conversations varied from this to thatand back again, Tatiana lets you into her life and background with a level oftrust and respect that I have never come across before.




Once in my room our clothesseem to fall off, there are no uncomfortable naked moments and I am overwhelmed by her naked beauty.


Now I won’t on this occasion gointo the lurid details, least to say that what transpired was the most natural,comfortable enjoyable GFE/PSE of my punting career, leaving my soul touched byan angel and my body numb from the ravishing of a nymphomaniac. There was nodiscussions of services or extras but an experience you would expect with a hotsexually aware lover with a huge helping of porn star thrown in; there was nodiscussion, no negotiations just natural evolving carnal passion.




Thinking back on my time withTatiana inspires thoughts of gazelles running through fields of tall grass andmusic of Vangelis playing in my ears.


My experience has shown me thedichotomy that can exist with some people who on one hand provide a sweetsensual lover experience then the next minute a raunchy porn star quality thenback again during the ebb and flow of a natural passionate sensual and sexualencounter.




On this occasion I truly feltthat my token payment to Tatiana was for her time and everything else waspurely natural and a complete emersion into the girl friend experience unlikeanything I have come across until now.




Few of the WL’s that I havebeen with have I found myself wanting to curl up with after several hours ofbody draining sex but on this night that’s what transpired, natural lover postorgasmic bliss after which we both fell asleep and awoke some time later to hugesmiles and kisses followed by repeated engagement of all of the previousrapture… lovely.




My life has been changed forthe better for having met this lady, I’ll be ensuring that I see her again nextI’m in Singapore or if she ever comes down-under I’d happily show her the sitesof any of our glorious cities.




For Tatiana this career is hercalling, being University educated she consciously chose this life with herheart, the heart of a true courtesan lover or consummate companion.




Time spent with this lady: 6hours.


Cost: S$500.


Overall experience: priceless.




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