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Nadine angelsordevils UK March 2009



Sorry guys I had forgottenabout this adventure until speaking with a mate in the UK recently brought backfond memories.


Angels or Devils is an agencyunlike any other I'd come across back in Feb09, my long haul flight had mecompletely jet lagged not to mention shitty connections in Heathrow and theusual internal connections stuff ups that occur saw me waiting in Heathrow for6 hours for a connection up North.




Arriving into Leeds about 7pminstead of the 1pm as planned and I'd been on the go for something like 30hours now with only periodic sleep.




Couldn't sleep now, way toowired so decided to let my fingers do the walking and snif out some talent.




Local directory sends me tothis place http://www.angelsordevils.com/leeds-escort...eds_escort.htmland I make a 2 hour booking with the lovely Nadine.


The web site is very explicitand the nice touch is that after you make your booking the fellow in the officegets the girl to give you a call to discuss anything specific you might have toask the lady.


Nadine sounded hot and sultryon the phone and I was happy as a pig in mud and very, very wired...




A knock on the door and I ampresented with a stunning 5'3" brunette exactly as the photos on thewebsite, 'would you like me to come in' she says... my god yes I dribble out ofmy severe jet lagged vocal cords.




We chat for a while on the bed,share a couple of beers from the mini bar, god I love UK chicks and their beerdrinking. Some DFK happens straight away and mutual fondling and little pumperis up and saluting imediately... its been a long flight.




We virtually tear each othersclothes off and she has the most lovely tanned body, D shaped bust and perfectfigure.




What more can say, it was hot,horny and pure bliss, BBBJ with CIM as std service in this part of the worldand little pumper let it rip as he'd been pent up for some time at thispoint....


Round one out of the way and Idecided to get some DATY on this angel/devil... not sure which at this point asI think a bit of both. Nadine responded positively to my oral attentions and10-15 minutes of pussy juice soaked fun had seen this lady over the linethoroughly.




We swap positions this time, abit more BBBJ, on with the condom and some cowgirl action for me, god I loveslim girls with big boobs swinging and swaying in front for all the world tosee.




We swapped position again andthe std doggy which moved to the caterpillar saw me getting close to the edge,she says don't come I want it in my mouth. Who was I to refuse, off with thecondom and more CIM to leave a happy pumper.




We both went to the showertogether, plenty of chatting and touching, Nadine had never been down under butmy visit with her has peaked her interest...




I told her there are a coupleof guys I know from this little group 'FIA' that would sure love to show heraround Sydney one day and she had a giggle at that idea.




All in all a great punt, not atrue private GFE type experience but a great punt none the less.




Nadine arrived right on timeand left the room exactly on the 2 hour mark, I guess that's what the escortscene is about.




Lovely lady and worth a visit.




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