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Tia at MC May 2009



Well guys here it is, thepumpers review of Tiafrom MC that we have all heard about and wondered.




Now I've cleaned this review upa bit to try and not upset any sensitive lads that might be out there in publicforum world so if this doesn't have any good bits in it then .




After a big night in Melbournelast week Steelmaster dragged Player and myself (kicking and screaming) to viewthis place that must feel like a home away from home for him. Christ he evenhas his own parking spot out the back.




We went through the line up andas its been a long time since I'd had and Asian girl it was all a bit weary forme, too be honest they all looked the same. They sort of pop their head aroundthe corner of the thick red curtain, mumble out their names and in a flurrythey are gone.




So, walk through one completeand only one girl (Linda) took either of our fancies, and we heard that Tia wasin but in a booking for 20mins or so then we decided to have a look at anothershop up the road before meeting Tia.




Returning for round two of thewalk through and Tia comes and says hello, she beams at Steelmaster when shesees him as there is clearly a bond between these two.




Player decides to be thegentleman and let thepumper put Tia through her paces. Pay the bartender the 1 hour rateand off to heaven to ride the best looking girl in the place.




We fluff about for a bit in theroom then Tia puts her arms around me and begins the extras talk, 'what youwant tonight honey?' she asks.... 'to plunder you completely' I respond.




'Well that will cost $200' shesays .No way I tell her that her mate Steelmaster told me she would look afterme, she agrees to $150 for the full extras package and off to the shower.




After showering, I mount thebed all toweled up and Tia quickly removes the towel to enjoy my manhood.




This goes on for a while tillshe lays onto the bed and enjoys my manhood orally further. Now she is good atthis skill but in all honesty I've had better and there just wasn't enoughmouth and hand action to get me anywhere over the edge. I moved her head overto the edge of the bed and tried a bit of oral pleasuring this way.




Thepumper then pushes her backonto the bed, removes her knickers and proceeds to orally pleasure this girl,she really seems to enjoy DATY and god knows why she runs the risk of guysturning her down for extras but before long I think she is coming.




So now its my turn, she flipsme over, applies some lube before slipping on the condom then lubes the condomup further before beginning the ever so gentle mounting in cowgirl position.Now I know Asians are tight but seriously the gingerly way she lowered herselfonto my manhood was sight to behold. Once fully inserted the rhythmic pondingbegins, plenty of noises and pleasure for all, then a flip over to mishposition where thepumper very gently once more inserted himself into the lovely Tia.




Mish was good and deep, tryingto lift Tia's legs to get better depth was met with a stern 'no way in hell'look from her eyes as I was already millimeters away from Cervix impact on moststrokes in mish position.




So we tried a few morepositions which were not going to gain my orgasm anytime when Tia chose tocomplete me orally.




Now oral is great but standingon the bed with Tia kneeling completely defies description, it has to beanother one of the miracles of mother nature that everybody has to experience.There was plenty of licking action, all the time she is stroking my shaft likeshe is exploring for oil.






Overall Tia is a top chick,very full of herself and the effect she has on guys and she milks it for every$$ she can, she certainly helped milk me completely which after that week I'dhad was not a bad effort considering.




Would I go back, probably not asAsian chicks that I can hardly converse with just ain't my thing. But if youlike that stuff, go and see her, pay the full extras package and bang her brainsout like there's no tomorrow.




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