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Pumper does a Bobbie April 2009



Well in Sydney last week forsome business and as always a little punting as a side order I decided to tripinto Amore on my way back to the airport in search of this amazing lady Portia.Its been 10 years since my last visit here and the intro room and front of thebuilding has not changed very much at all.




Well did the intro's with about6 ladies on but no Portia to be seen. I settled on the lovely Bobbie, basicallybecause she had the most sensual meet and greet in the intro time, verypersonal and kept her hands on my leg the whole time we were discussing theoptions.




There were a couple of morerisky options like greek that I just don't fancy but happily DFK was free onthe menu on this day.




This lady is a real stunner,blonde, medium height I'd say 5'8" without shoes and great natural D'sthat you just want to swim in... yummy.




Off to the room with the usualparlor preliminaries taken care of, a quick pash then its off to the shower forme. Not long and I am joined by this lovely lady to continue the soap up andrubbed down that turned into quite a steamy affair to be honest.




Dried off and found the bed, itseemed like the whole time that our lips were barely apart. Some more DFK andlittle pumper was ready to go, some CBJ that was pretty good, returned withsome 69 and this went for some time. Neither of us was going anywhere close toorgasm so it was switch over to cowgirl for a while.


Now this is where I thinkBobbie really shines, she has great leg strength and awesome pussy musclecontrol that had me up and over the edge in no time... I guess when you reallyclick these things can happen.


After a short clean up andre-application of protection the pumper was ready once again for some doggy,this was nice and plenty of encouragement from Bobbie to 'fuck her harder' wasgreat to hear. Moved from this into the caterpillar which is always a favoriteas its from behind but more personal then doggy, plenty of pumping ensued andto my utmost pleasure I was over the line for the second time in the one hourbooking.




Bobbie was great, a littleolder then my usual WL's (she says 30) of late but I'd have to say she reallymakes up for it with skill and application.




Looks: 7/10


Sex: 9/10


Overall experience: 8/10.




Definitely worth a repeatperformance.


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