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pumper does Liana take 2 Dec 2009



OK, well here is my belatedreview of my second time with the chameleon that is the alias that is LianaSamuels.




As most regular punters on FIAwould know I generally have followed up great punts with a second visit in theelusive quest of the 'regular'. Being a difficult to please man and a generalprick of a punter it has proven difficult to find the one woman happy to shareher body with me on regular visits.




Having seen Liana a month priorand had such an incredible no-holes barred experienced I decided to bookanother 4 hour session with this self confessed sexaholic?? I mean really, ifever there was a woman born with such a one track mind.... but there's more toLiana that just hot steamy nothing off limits sex.




Unfortunately for me I had beenout drinking and fucking with a crazy insatiable sugar babe the night before,so when Liana arrived around 10am for our second fuck session I was still alittle shaky on my legs and my skin must have been sweating a combination ofmojito and martini alcohol. Liana didn't mind my state and after a bit of apash in the foyer of the Sheraton and a short ride to the room this little minxwasted little time in removing my shorts (sans underwear) to begin a fantasticBBBJ.




But today we had somethingdifferent, a pink vibrating egg inserted deeply inside her hungry vagina justwaiting for me to activate the little fella to see what sort of good vibrationswe could experiment with. The pink egg now humming away it was my turn to tryand improve on my DATY efforts with Liana. Now Liana has very specific DATYrequirements, the usual direct tongue on clit method I rely on just doesn't doit for this woman, she obviously has overworked that lovely clit with herrather colourful long running sensuous history, so following the specificinstructions we had talk about I began my modified DATY action and after ashort while had Liana bucking and moaning along with the biting down on herright hand thumb so hard at the time of orgasm that she left blue teethimprints in her lovely digit. I'm so glad that my cock was not in her mouth atthe time she reached orgasm!!!




What transpired after the DATYwas a few hours of several positions some great BBBJTC (we both love this) thenan amazing surreal effort by Liana to raise the now deflated and alcohol effectlittle pumper from what seemed an unsaveable doom. We tried different types ofcondom technology to ready little pumper for action once again, however itseemed every time he got a sniff of synthetic covering he was running for thecovers and not intent on playing anymore.




Liana being the true trooperthat she is was not content with leaving things at that and began what i woulddescribe as the longest and most sensual BBBJTC that I have ever had. To havethis woman happily laying between my legs, our bodies entwined while sheengorges herself orally with my now erect shaft is a sight to behold. We hadtalked about me taking photos for my keeps sake of this act but due to thepleasure I was receiving it simply slipped my mind. Liana kept at the BBBJ forwhat seemed an hour until I had completely unloaded for her, not a drop waswasted and it was smiles all around.




So that was the end of mysecond visit with Liana Samuels, not the hot and steamy animal sex we had thefirst time, but a more relaxed easy going type of sex two people can fall intofrom time to time once they are comfortable with each other and when thepumperis suffering from sex and alcohol induced underperformance issues from thenight before.




Based on Liana's own selfassessment I would be considered a regular now, with an ongoing commitment tofuck each other senseless each and every-time I make my way to Sydney.


This woman has it going on forme, she is not the fake made up pretend hooker others might be looking for, butwe really click and if its an act it certainly seems to be she can pull offeffortlessly time and time again. Liana loves sex, I've said it before and I'llsay it again, awesome.




I'll see her again. Round threein the New Year. Look out Sydney.








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