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Pumper swings with Alexa April 2009



Well guys, here I sit 6am aftermy evening with Alexa and I am in a paradox. Do I write a review giving somedetails and positive feedback about this great woman or do I cut it short, notgive much away and let your imagination do the rest.


The issue as I see it is this,the more of you guys that book this lady then the more difficult to damn nearimpossible it will become for me to see her.


Truly, she is thatspectacular!!




I organized a 3 hour bookingwith Alexa, always like the chance to break the ice and spend some timechatting. Alexa is a charm, very knowledgeable on all fronts, we spent heaps oftime laughing at some of the wacky jobs she has had back in the UK before theaction started.


Conversation with Alexa is veryhonest, no games, no tricks, no time wasting. For the first time in a longtime, she really made me feel like she was enjoying my company and that shewanted to be in my presence.




Now lucky for me I had arrangeda suit with huge wrap around windows overlooking the Yarra river and Alexa andI made great use of this view as we began our little tryst. Fantastic BJskills, true GFE with heaps of eye contact and sounds of encouragement, there'ssomething about being on the receiving end of a ladies oral pleasuring in thestanding position, I don't know if its like the porn movies or a gravity, bloodflow thing but 'wow'.




Unwrapping Alexa is a treat,her body is all natural and firm, with curves in all the best places. Natural Dcups that I just couldn't stay away from, great DFK, very passionate andheated.




We then consummated the firstpart of our adventure right there on the sofa enjoying the lights of Melbourne.Now Alexa has great eyes and up until this point they had been friendly andjovial, but the look in her very wide eyes upon entry of little-pumper was oneof complete rapture.


Her enthusiasm blossomed and itwas on for your and old.




Lets just say from that momenton there was plenty of pumping and plenty of 'mutual' satisfaction had by bothparties.






We then moved into the bedroomto complete our little sage and here is where Alexa really shone, takingthepumper through to his orgasmic conclusion and I must comment that it was anamazing conclusion at that.




We tried a few sexual positionson this event, left plenty of favourites in the book for next time, and had agreat time that I am busting to repeat ASAP.




So now thepumper rating system(shit this is getting hard to judge).




promptness: 10/10.


Social enjoyment: 9/10(nobodies perfect, but we laughed so hard).


Sexual enjoyment: 9/10 (same asabove).


Overall: 9.5/10.




This lady really has breathedfresh air back into my Melbourne punting scene. My punting in Melbourne wasbegining to feel a bit jaded with most of my private punts happening in Sydneythese days. Wow!!




Note to self: chase up morebusiness in Melbourne to create excuse to visit Alexa.




Damn girl: you got it goingon!!




Thats it for thepumper: signed,sealed and well and truly delivered.




Thank you Alexa in Melbourne.




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