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Pumper tries LuLu number 2 in April 2009



Thepumper returned to the armsof the infamous LuLu this week.




What can I say, her short breakfrom the game has changed little to the LuLu experience and thepumper enjoyedthe time although the experience the second time around was similar butdifferent in some ways.




The orgasms were as powerfuland fulfilling, the conversations enlightening, the insights revealing and thesmall part of LuLu's world that I got to hear about quite intriguing.




I know I've learnt my leasonsabout writing negatives in my reviews but I cannot avoid it on this occasion. Idon't know why but on this visit LuLu bombarded me with requests for me to payfor extras. Appart from the DFK up front I am not an extras kind of guy, greekis a waste of time for me, been there and tried that, its just not my thing,along with spanking, domination, etc.... I am just into good wholesome pumpingsex...




I enjoyed my time with LuLu butnot quite as much as my first visit, she is lovely, tall and giving, sex isgreat, our bodies sort of click like door keys in the lock but the extrasdebate over and over sort of ruined it for me...




She is the sort of girl thatreally touches something primeval in me and in other circumstances who knowswhat could happen but for now lets just leave it at that.




Great girl, great time, to muchextras talk for me on this occasion... but as well as say YMMV.








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