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Pumper does LuLu at the shoe Feb 2009



Now I’ve think I’ve died ongone down to live with the red fella with the hot coals and pitch fork, heavenis no place I want to attend. Surely punting cannot get any better than LuLu.




I spent three glorious hourswith the lovely LuLu with many thanks to those punters out there who thoughselfless effort and financial hardship have conducted the research and madeboth public and personal recommendations to see this lovely lady..




LuLu‘s reviews have spokenvolumes about her GFE and general attitude to the carnal pleasures. After mytime with this lady I can say yes my legs ache, my stomach muscles ache andwhen I try to close my eyes in order to achieve a few minutes of recovery herein the Hotel all I can see is her lovely body, her smile, her kisses, herfantastic legs, legs long enough to stretch all the way to heaven itself, ohthat’s right they do go to heaven, and heaven I partook of over and over and over,my god this girl has stamina and loves sex, all positions, all speeds, alltechniques, she just gives and gives.




And the sounds of pleasure thatflow from this girl as the waves of orgasmic bliss pulse through every nerveending in her body. I sure am glad we were in the top level, wouldn’t want tohave been thrown out for disturbing the peace on that lovely morning.




The gory details of ourencounter are not needed on this occasion; LuLu was everything that has everbeen written of her and more. I have to say that this was the most intense,passionate, physical and sexually satisfying 3 hours of my punting career. Justwriting this now I cannot help myself but reminisce about being with LuLu,inside LuLu, on top of LuLu, LuLu on top of me, behind LuLu and everything elsewe indulged in during our time together.




Yes I will plan to see LuLuagain on my next adventure to the big smoke of Sydney, I know it sounds like acliché but this girl really loves her job and especially some parts of it morethan others.




Cannot recommend this lady morethen I have on this occasion. Guys go see her, when you do see her, bring your‘A’ game to this lovely girl as nothing less than the ‘A; game would do herjustice.




To LuLu if you read this: ànous réunir à nouveau pour profiter des uns et des autres plaisirs charnelssexe, ma petite fusée.


Man has this girl made animpression on this punter.




Thepumpers rating:


Looks: 9/10.


Service: 9/10


Attitude: 15/10


Passion: 15/10


Return punt: 100% guaranteed.




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