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Lexi December 09 Private



I’ve been in contact with Lexi on and off from the first time I met her, which is probably the best part of 6 months now. Had booked her at GOE on several occasions sometimes for 2hrs, then she unexpectantly left Melbourne for a bit.


I hadn’t seen her for a couple of months when she contacts me saying she’ll be back in Melbourne soon. A couple of weeks later and a few text messages and a 3hr private booking is arranged


At the agreed time, there is a phone call asking for room number, then a knock at the door, I open it, Lexi is standing there smiling. Fuck, I’d forgotten how pretty this girl is. She comes in; we greet each other with a peck and sit on the end of the bed. Its catch up time. For the next 1/2hr or so we talk about what’s been happening in our lives. In this time we have moved closer together, her arm is resting on my shoulder, there’s a gentle caressing touch every now and again, the odd kiss here and there. I always enjoy this girls company very much.


We both take our clothes off and get on the bed, laying down facing each other, we kiss, full on DFK, I fondle a breast, her hand is down below bringing little mok to life, it wasn’t very hard for her to get the desired reaction.


She lays on top of me, more kissing, more fondling of breasts. She chews my ear, kisses my neck, plays with and sucks my nipples, moves down to where little mok is and gives everything in that area a good wash, then a long and gentle BJ, much teasing with the tongue leading to deep throat, alternating between this and ball washing. This goes on for about 15-20 min.


She comes back up for more kissing; I fondle and suck her breasts again. She lays along side me. More kissing, I lay her on her back, still kissing, move to her ear, neck, breasts and finally (as she opens her legs to give good access), to her sweet pussy. I lick, chew, nibble and suck just about every part of it. She is laying there eyes closed, mouth open, the odd moan and groan, fondling her own breasts, tugging at the nipples, taking a sharp intake of breath when I suck her clit into my mouth, moaning when my tongue is buried deep. Finely after 15mins she climaxes. It tastes so good.


We rest for a while and talk some more. She plays with little mok, gets a condom and puts it on, more BJ and then she climbs on top for cowgirl, she rides me very slowly for what seems like ages, every so often falling forward for more kissing, tongues working overtime. Her breasts are getting a good workout as well.



She climbs off and goes back to performing BJ, comes back up, for more rest and talk. She performs a couple of other things and then goes back to deep throat BJ with lots of teasing and then for the very explosive finish.


She cleans us up and we lay there for a while, both fondling and playing with her breasts and talking. Now it is shower time, we get dressed and after talking for another 20 mins, we say our goodbyes.


This had been a long and relaxed, catch up session and I can’t wait for the next.

I stay in the room for about another hour, thinking how good it has been to catch up with her before going and checking out and being asked if everything was alright sir (checking out early). My reply was that everything was more than alright.




PCA 7028xe




Age 24


Height 5’ 2"


Hair Long very dark (black) with red extensions interwoven to same length.


Body/Boobs Been advised it should say 12/C natural, not 10/B natural.


Pussy Shaven


Would I see her again? Silly question, yes.




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