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Juanita (The Crimson Rose) - Chapter 1 - Leather and Lace



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Friday Evening, 20 July 2007


Part 1 - Leon Gets A Flogging

The fragrance of expensive perfume hung agreeably on the warm air. Pungent incense smoked ceremoniously from a brass dragon-head placed in a disused fireplace. The light of strategically placed, thick white candles, in varying degrees of exhaustion, flickered in the darkened room casting complex shadows on burgundy walls festooned with instruments of pleasure and pain. The floor was almost completely covered by a maroon and indigo carpet square which, bordered by images of Pharaohs, bore witness to much oddity; almost threadbare in places and harbouring a noticeably dusty smell. The mood was heady and the environment surreal with discordant, loud music pulsing to complete the bizarre stage.


Leon could smell the leather of the flogger as it was teasingly draped over his already slightly reddened, right shoulder. The smell was suddenly punctuated by the intoxication of Juanita's perfume as she seductively ran her long finger-nails down the length of his bare back. Leon could feel his heart pounding in his chest and his breath being drawn in deep, rapid pants. There was a sporadic tremor in his knees due to the intensity of emotion and excitement being experienced simultaneously. A million thoughts were racing through his mind.


Thoughts of how he never felt judged by Juanita even while feeling self-conscious at his own nakedness. Thoughts of how he was absolutely safe while feeling completely vulnerable about being firmly bound, hand and feet, alone in a room full of torture instruments, with a woman who was a self-confessed sadist. Thoughts of how right it felt to completely surrender to the will of another human-being, something so uncharacteristic of Leon in the "real" world. Thoughts of being excruciatingly excited by the unattainable.


The lovely Mistress stepped backward to ready herself to deliver another flurry of lashes with the flogger. The first half dozen were light, teasing strokes wiping gently across Leon's skin, making his body twist in pleasure. Then as the intensity increased, Leon began to tighten in expectation of what was to come. He turned to catch a glimpse Mistress's perfect form, clothed in an outfit which bordered on revealing and certainly delightful. In doing so he misjudged her position and his eyes caught hers which caused him to smile apologetically. He saw the devil smile back. Juanita always ensured her slaves could not successfully predict what was about to happen but in this case Leon knew only too well. She halted the flogging, walked around the front of the Saint Andrew's cross to which he was attached and placed a blind fold across his eyes to deprive him of the vision of perfection that was herself. Having ensured Leon could see nothing, Juanita seductively moved her lips close to his ear, so much so that the influence of her perfume aroused his desire to fever pitch as she said in a strict voice.


"My dear little slave, I have explained to you before, you are not permitted eye contact with me when you are in my dungeon. You have disobeyed my wish and it's not the first time. The price is this, you will wear the blindfold for ten minutes and you will gladly receive six strokes of my cane at your upper limit of tolerance. This may help you remember your manners in future my rude little slave. And remember, if it gets too much for you, you may beg for mercy."


Leon readied himself for the cane and was determined not to ask for mercy. Juanita was not content to let Leon escape a session without making him plead for mercy on at least one occasion while Leon on the other hand, preferred to show his mistress he could take everything she issued. It was a battle Leon couldn't win but he felt a need to try. The first stroke was relatively light but Leon knew such benevolence wouldn't last. Each successive stroke was administered with perfect control at about fifty percent greater intensity than the one before and in exactly the same place. Leon never made a sound until number six after which he issued a low grunt of relief from the back of the throat.





Part 2 - Slave Position

After the caning, Juanita regathered her flogger and placed the tails over Leon's shoulder and teased his chest. She leaned forward so Leon could feel the weight of her body pushing against his as she again whispered in his ear.


"What do you say little slave?"


"Thank you Mistress! Thank you for correcting my poor behaviour and improving my manners. Thank you for caring about your slave, Mistress."


Leon ached for Juanita to remain in that position. Her body-warmth could be felt through a soft kid-leather, skirt and elegant lace button-up blouse. The feel of her long, flowing, chocolate-brown hair on his shoulders, the warmth of her breath on his cheek as she teasingly explained what may happen next.


"Do you adore me little slave?"


"Oh yes Mistress I do adore you.."


Juanita moved even closer and whispered with her lips close enough to tauntingly brush Leon's ear.


"Accept my touch as a reward for your devotion little slave and be grateful. You are right to adore me and worship me but you are never again to look into my eyes."


"Mistress, please forgive my disrespect and I assure you it will not happen again. Thank you again Mistress for your potent correction."


Juanita completed the flogging which was largely ceremonial but she knew it to be one of Leon's favourite components of their sessions together. Every session Leon had ever had with Juanita had been novel, stimulating, satisfying and rewarding.


As Juanita removed the blind fold and began to untie the wrist and ankle straps from the Saint Andrews cross, Leon hungrily devoured the beautiful Mistress's shape from every angle, paying particular attention not to make the same painful error he had made minutes earlier.


"As I release this last rope, you are to immediately assume slave-position."


"Yes Mistress."


Slave-position was well known to Leon. It's the standard position which slaves must adopt either while awaiting their Mistress's presence or immediately on the her command. To adopt slave-position Leon dropped to his knees and bent forward to place his forehead on the floor. His arms were placed in front of his head with palms upturned and forearms and backs-of-hands flat on the floor. His knees were spread about half a meter. This was a position cleverly devised over the years to create a sense of utter subjugation for the willing slave. By the time Leon had correctly positioned himself, Juanita had made a small collection of the instruments, straps and ropes that were used during the session. She sat on a black, heavily padded chair in which she looked completely at home; her throne.


"Very well slave! Our time together this evening is almost at an end. Apart from one careless indiscretion for which you have been well punished, you have been a good boy. As a parting reward I'm going to allow you to worship me and prove to me that you adore me. Prove to me that your words were not empty. Do you understand the privilege you are about to be given little slave?"


"I understand completely Mistress. The honour is mine and I willingly and truly worship you with all of my slave heart. Thank you again dear, generous Mistress."


Leon knew what was expected of him but like any well trained slave, didn't move a muscle until given the command to do so.


"You may now give significance to your words little slave."


"Yes Mistress, at once."


Leon broke slave position and crawled on his knees to where Juanita was waiting with her left leg crossed over her right with the black stiletto shining in the flickering candle light. Leon carefully and lovingly took the foot in his hands and reverently placed his forehead on the upper toe and waited a further command.


"Continue slave!"


Leon knelt in an upright position, sitting back on his folded legs. He placed Juanita's stiletto on his right leg just above his knee and began to unfasten the buckle enabling him to remove the stiletto and place it on the floor under Mistress's throne. He then gently moved his hands along her lovely legs all the way to her creamy thighs where he released the three hooks that connected the sheer, black, seemed stockings to the black, lace, garter belt. Leon slowly and deliberately rolled the stockings down Mistress's leg and completely removed it from her foot. He brought the balled stocking to his lips before placing it under the chair inside the stiletto. He now picked up Juanita's foot which had been waiting on his knee and pressed it to his forehead then pressed it to his heart.





Part 3 - Foot Worship

“Thank you for your feet. I adore them Mistress and hereby demonstrate my devotion.”


Leon began to kiss Mistress’ bare foot with devotion. He ran his tongue back and forth along the instep several times with considerable pressure, eventually to the heel where he used his teeth to careful massage the soft flesh until he could here her breathe quicken ever so slightly. He then ran is tongue upward along the out-step until he reached the small toe, then back and forth retracing time and again the same delightful path. On reaching her small toe for a fourth time he placed it in his mouth and sucked with a very light pressure, then the next and the next until each delectable digit each had received fairly its turn, then two toes at once, then three until eventually all four of the smaller toes were simultaneously being licked and sucked.


It was a curious feeling for Leon to find himself enjoying sucking, in solitude, Juanita’s big toe, moving up and down with heavier sucking pressure than before. Finally, he used the inside of his moist bottom lip, to trace a path from the tip of her toes to her shin. He continued the routine for a full three minutes before Mistress instructed him to dry her foot which he did using his bushy head of hair. After which she instructed him to continue the delightful procedure with her right foot. Leon carried out the instruction with as much enthusiasm as he had with the left.


“You have perfect feet Mistress. They are beautiful to the eye, they are warm and soft to the touch, they tease and they control. Your feet are gorgeous. I’ve never dreamt that feet could feel so delicately soft and sensuous.”


Leon did have a foot fetish but its intensity was inconsistent with his emotional reaction. The worshipping sessions were rather a metaphor for the act of making love with his beautiful Juanita, using the only path available in the physical world.


After worship was complete, Juanita commanded Leon to remain in slave-position until she had redressed in her stockings and stilettos.


“Slave, you may come to me to say good bye.”


Leon retraced the steps he had made on his knees minutes earlier. On arriving at Mistress who was again sitting on her throne, he placed his forehead on her stockinged knees.


“Well little slave, your training is coming along famously. You are earning yourself a position as a favoured slave. There is a surprise in store for you at our next session little slave but I’m afraid that is going to have to wait for at least six weeks as I have business that takes me back to San Jose until late next month. When I have returned, I will let you know by e-mail and you may book another session. Think about my surprise little slave and see if you can guess what it is. If you think you can guess you may send me an e-mail.”


“Dear Mistress, there are so many things that I hope your surprise could be. I will think hard and e-mail you if something registers strongly enough. Thank you for the wonderful session Dear Mistress, again everything was perfect.”


“Goodbye for six weeks little slave.”


“Goodbye and thank you for everything Dear Mistress.”


Juanita and Leon always said goodbye formally within the session but on declaring the session over, they chatted like magpies about all manner of things while Leon got showered and dressed and Juanita cleansed and relocated the various equipment that had been used during the session.

When all the instruments were cleaned and put away and Leon could not reasonably stall the finishing touches of his dressing any longer, it was time to leave. Juanita opened the dungeon door, took Leon’s hand and lead him down the long narrow passage to the front door. As with each greeting and goodbye, they embraced in a long, friendly hug and said their informal goodbyes.


“It was really nice to see you again Leon. Think about me while I’m away and drive very carefully, it looks very foggy out there tonight.”


“Thanks again Juanita. Have a great trip and return safely soon. I’ll miss you awfully.”


“I’ll miss you to. Goodbye Leon!”


“Goodbye Juanita!”


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