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Kelly December 09 Ladies for Gentlemen



Had made a booking $230 for 1hr, this is the first time I’ve seen Kelly in a while,


I’ve been let in by receptionist have paid, got my drink and been taken to the front room downstairs to wait. After a few minutes, she comes in and says hello with a big smile walks over to me, gives me a cuddle and a kiss. She takes hold of my drink and leads me up to her room (green), a bit of talk more kissing and cuddling before she leaves me to shower. Upon her return, I’ve just finished drying myself; she’s wearing her customary figure hugging knee length sleeveless black dress, no shoes


We cuddle, kiss and fondle each other for a few minutes, I then pull her dress off over her head, unclip her bra and suck her breasts. We go back to DFK and I slip a finger in her pussy as we kiss some more, I slide my moist finger out across her clit, she moans gently while we’re still kissing. At the same time she has been bringing little mok to life, so when we’ve finished kissing we get on the bed.


She sits across me, leans forward, I suck on her breasts and run my hands down her sides to her bum, I gently squeeze it and run my hands back up again, more kissing, she’s massaging my nipples with her thumbs, biting my ear, kissing down my neck, sucking my nipples. She’s moved down to little mok and is giving his 2 mates a good seeing to with her tongue. The ball wash and shaft licking goes on for quite a few minutes, she then applies a condom for CBJ.


After 5mins, she gets into the 69 position and I feast until my hearts content, we slurp away on each other for about 10mins. She then gets off, lays down, I move in for some DATY and pleasure her until she cums. I move back up, more DFK, I lay next to her and we cuddle.

5mins or so later, she changes the condom and gets on for cowgirl, she rides me for a few minutes while kissing, she then climbs off and says, your turn to do some work, we go for doggie, she is rubbing her clit as I’m pounding her, we change to missionary with lots of kissing, after a few minutes we cum together and collapse in a heap.


I climb off, she cleans use up and we lay talking till time is up.


We shower, dress and go back down stairs, kiss and cuddle, before going out the door with my mints.








Age 35


Height 5' 5"


Hair Long blonde


Body/Boobs 8/B well toned.


Pussy Shaven


No tattoos or piercings except earrings.



Would I see her again? Yes




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