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Rose December 09 Scarlet Lady



Friday evening, saw that Rose was logged into the site, so sent her a pm asking if she was working tonight, a return pm is sent, yes starting at 10.00pm are you going to come and see me? In the next 1 1/2hrs a further dozen or so pm's were sent between us. In this time I'd already phoned Scarlet Lady and made the booking for 10.00pm. Rose then tells me can I phone them and rebook for 11.00pm as she has something to do before she started work, so I phoned, and told them she wasn't starting till 11.00pm and rebook for that time.


I turned up at Scarlet Lady about 25mins early so sat out side for 20mins. In this time I noticed a young lady drive up in her car, park and go in, When I finally go in and speak to receptionist, she says would you like to meet her first, I thought about it and said yes ok, (don't know why really because I wouldn't have cancelled anyway). Go sit in the little intro room and wait. In comes this very tall young lady, it was the same one that I had witnessed turning up, we greet each other and chat a bit. We then go back to reception to pay.


The picture on here she uses for her avatar is her, but you wouldn't recognise her from it straight away as she wears glasses and the face pulling does a good job of disguising her.


We go to the room; she does an inspection, says take a shower and then kisses me on the lips before leaving. When she returns, she has brought with her an OJ which I had requested.

She now takes her shoes off and her short dress, she has no underwear on, so she is now naked, a very pleasing sight. She walks over to me; I put my hands on her hips and suckle on her breasts. We then kiss some more.


We lie on the bed, kiss again, with tongue this time, mine meets hers, she loves sucking on my tongue. I suck on her breasts a little more. She sucks on my nipples. She reaches for a condom, puts it on and commences CBJ, very pleasurable.


Now she climbs on for cowgirl, as she is riding me, we are kissing and fondling each other. While still riding me she says, can I ask you a favour, I say yes of course, she says, in a bit can you fuck me in doggie in front of the mirror as I like to watch? I say yes we can do that.


Then something happens that doesn't happen very often with me, I can feel that she is going to make me cum in cowgirl while wearing a condom. Now I was in 2 minds as what to do, as this was about half way through the session and I much prefer to cum more towards the end of a session (being a one shot wonder usually), in the end I decided fuck it, lay back and enjoy it, so that's what I did. It felt so good blowing inside her.


She climbs off and cleans me up and lies next to me, we chat a little, more kissing. I kneel over the top off her, face to face, she says I like that, having big strong shoulders above me, we kiss again, I move down to her breasts, I like her breasts, not big but very perky, stand up by themselves.


I move down to her pussy, freshly shaven smooth, it looks and tastes good, I spent about 15 mins down there pleasuring her and she was thoroughly enjoying it, running her fingers through my hair.


I say to her, do you want to do that doggie now, she says yes please, just as she goes to get a condom the buzzer goes. It was at this time that I had wished I had taken up Scarlet Lady's offer of if you book 2hrs up front they'll take $20 off of each hr. Jo the receptionist had asked, but I sad no thanks thinking 1hr would be enough, as it was I couldn't extend because she had another client waiting now. Oh well into the shower. Get dressed and say are goodbyes.







Age 20


Height 5' 11"


Hair Brunette, past the shoulder in length.


Body/Boobs 10/B Natural


Pussy Shaven


Would I see her again? Yes, I get the feeling it would get better and better with Rose everytime.


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