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Celeste November 09 The Main Course



Called into the main course, two ladies available, intro’d them at the bottom of the stairs. Can’t remember the first one’s name, but second one was Celeste. I picked Celeste for 1hr


Up in the room she did an inspection and left me to shower. I’m out and dried upon her return, she gets undressed and we kiss DFK, I play and suck her breasts, fondle her pussy, slip a finger in, then it’s onto the bed, she’s all over me, little mok is ready for action kissing nipple play, ball licking, deep throat BJ, more kissing.


My turn to pleasure her, kissing, neck, breasts and finely pussy, I lick her pussy and fondle her breasts until she cums. We have a bit of a rest, more kissing and fondling.

Condom on. More BJ. Now she climbs on for cowgirl, she rides me for a good few minutes, then doggie for a while and finely missionary for 5 or 6 mins with lots of DFK and breast sucking and fondling.


She sets about finishing me by oral, she’s good at this and she’s got me blowing in no time at all. She cleans us up and then lays down next to me.


This is about 40 mins into the session and she says are you ready to go again yet? I say no not today, it was a warm day outside, she seemed disappointed that I’d had enough. We just talked for a bit.


Shower time and get dressed and say our goodbyes.







Age late 30 early 40


Height 5’ 5"


Body/Boobs 10/B natural


Hair wavy shoulder length/Brunette


Pussy Shaved


Would I see her again? Yes.





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