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Yuki October 09 New Palace



Called into New Palace, hadn't been there for about a year. Did intro with 4 ladies all Asian. They all promised me kissing with tongue and oral on them, so it was make your mind up time.


I chose a lady by the name of Yuki, quite tall I thought for a Japanese lady 5'8'ish. I pay the receptionist, he takes me to the room to shower, just finished showering and Yuki comes into the room, she takes hold of a towel and dries me all over.


She then kisses me long and deep, her tongue in my mouth, this lady is a beautiful kisser, I fondle her bum with both hands, drop my head down and suck her breasts. We lay on the bed with her on top of me, fondling and kissing.


She lays next to me and reaches for a condom, puts in on, I'm now receiving an excellent BJ. I play with her pussy at the same time.


We change positions and I find myself in between her legs, pleasuring her with my tongue, she cums after about 10 mins. I crawl back up and we have a cuddle and a bit of a talk, she asks where I originally come from. England I say, she says what's the climate like there, so I explain where I lived, I had seen temperatures from 38 deg C to -24 deg C, with plenty of snow. both very extreme but did happen. She then tells me it snows in Tokyo where she originally comes from and that Yuki means snow in Japanese.


She climbs on top in the 69 position, we are in this position quite a while and she climaxes for a second time,


More recovery time, more kissing, more fondling, she now puts a fresh condom on and rides me in cowgirl, we change to Missionary and finely to doggie with her kneeling on the bed and me standing, this is where I finely blow inside her.


We Lay down for a little bit more talking then time is up, into the shower together and get dressed.







Age late 30's


Height 5' 8"


Hair Black almost to shoulder in length


Body/Boobs well toned slim size 8/ large B cups natural.


Pussy Shaven


Would I see her again? Yes.


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