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Carmen September 09 Bayside Angels




Ended up at Bayside Angels (formally Babes), not my first choice but due to unforseen circumstance, that's where I was.


I was shown into a room by the receptionist; a girl comes in, a young Asian girl. She had a bikini top, short mini skirt and ugg boots on; it was quite a nice looking package. She says hello my name is Carmen; I say hello and ask her about the service, I said do you kiss? She said no, can I perform oral on you? She said yes, I said ok thanks, and was expecting another girl to come in.


The guy comes back in and says she's the only one available. I think about it for a bit and say yes ok. I didn't like the no kissing thing but I needed to get rid of a load, so $200 paid for the hour


I pay him, he leaves and I get in the shower, I have just got out the shower when Carmen comes back in she strips off and gets in the shower and freshens her daty area. She gets out, dries and walks over. She cuddles up close to me and starts kissing my neck, playing with my nipples and little mok, little mok likes the attention and rises to the occasion.


We lay on the bed, I take charge and start to fondle and suck her breasts, then move down to her pussy, she is slightly trimmed at the edges, but the rest is full but not to long. I move in for some DATY, I'm getting a rhythm going and playing with her nipples at the same time. At the end she gets very wet).


I climb back up the bed and she starts on me, licking, sucking my ears, neck and nipples, she moves down to little mok, ball wash and then applies the condom and goes for CBJ, she is very good at this and I can feel I could quite easily cum from it, so stop her and say I want to fuck you now.


We start in missionary, then cowgirl and onto doggie, then we go for lazy doggie,


After a few minutes, it was all over and I had deposited my load into the little rubber catcher.


Carmen cleans me up and we sit on the edge of the bed, (her snuggling into me) chatting.


Times up and it's into the shower together and she gives me a wash.







Age 21


Height 5'0"


Hair Shoulder length black.


Body/Boobs 8/ large B Natural


Pussy Full with light trim at sides.


Would I see her again? Yes.




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