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Claudia August 09 Ladies for Gentlemen



Saturday afternoon I gave LFG a ring to find out who would be working tomorrow as I had to go to Richmond to tend to a little business in the morning, There would be 5 working I am told, I was told there names but the only one I recognised was Tina, so yes I said I would call in and meet the ladies.


Arrived at approximately 10.30, am let in, she said are you after anyone in particular, I said no, I rang yesterday about coming in and meeting the ladies, she went are yes (same receptionist who I spoke to on the phone), well only two are here at the moment, one Claudia is in a booking now and will be available in an hour and number two is Tina, who will be going into a hour booking shortly, do you want to meet Tina, I say no, as I already know her. What about the other three I ask, two are coming in a bit later and the other is not coming in at all and this was after I said to her yesterday that they won’t all start at ten will they who’s likely to be the first, she assured me that they would all be there from ten (It’s all really beyond her control I know).

In the mean time Tina’s booking has turned up and she has gone in, there has been a couple of other people at the door and 2 or 3 phone calls.


She says can you come back at 11.30 I said yes I can (I can do my little bit of business first) but at the rate it’s going this morning (unusually very busy) neither will be available at 11.30, she says why don’t you make a booking, I ask what Claudia is like, very slim good looking girl early twenties, my next question is does she kiss, receptionist says I’m not sure, she’s new and I don’t know much about her. She says, why don’t you book Tina, I say I could but I really wanted to stay with someone I’d never stayed with before.


After much thought and ough-ing and ah-ing I decided to do something I have never done before, book a girl hum I have never meet and know absolutely nothing about her service, the only thing there was, was a little voice in the back of my head, just kept saying, go with Claudia, go with Claudia, so I book Claudia for an hour, now I’m thinking, this could be the biggest mistake you’ve ever made in your punting life!


It’s now 11.30, business has been done and I’m back at LFG, as receptionist lets me in she says, she does kiss, I asked her, good was my reply, into the small bedroom to wait, receptionist comes back and informs me this booking is my eleventh since my last discount, so it’s only $160 for the hour, she brings the money back in the wallet and Claudia follows her in and we say our hello’s. She’s not quite as young as receptionist says, I’m thinking 28/29, it’s a little difficult to tell as she hasn’t got any makeup on, but she looks quite nice, about 5’ 10" with heels on, a slim size 8 with small B cup breasts and long brunette hair


As she is walking me up the stairs, she says to me, I was trying to work out if you had stayed with me before, I said no, she said, didn’t think I recognised you. I said I wanted to stay with someone I haven’t seen before and I already know Tina, so you were the only other one here. I say you are ok with the kissing, she replies, yes, I say with tongue, she replies yes again, what about oral on you, she says offcourse. I suddenly think, this punt sounds like it’s gonna be good after all. She leaves me to shower.


Upon her return, I am drying myself, she undresses and lays on the bed and taps the space next to her and says come here and make yourself comfortable, We lock mouths and kiss. You can always tell in the first 2 or 3 seconds if someone is a good kisser and she is. We kiss for a couple of minutes until she decides to lay on top of me and stick her breasts in my face. She has smallish but nice breasts.


She now turns round and starts to give little mok and his two mates some attention, the two mates get a good licking and at one stage I can feel her sucking at them. She gets some lube and puts it on little mok, she gets a condom out and puts it on me, she commences CBJ while I finger her pussy.This goes on for a couple of minutes until she turns round for some more kissing, our tongues are now dancing with each other.


She climbs on for some cowgirl, she’s riding very slow, there’s much kissing, nipple play and fondling going on, she then leans backward outstretches her arms and holds onto my feet and puts her own legs up the side of me towards my shoulders and fucks me quite vigorously, once or twice it feels like my balls may get squashed. She gets up and turns round for reverse cowgirl, rides me for a couple of minutes then leans backwards again, only this time her back is on my front, she turns her head sideways, we touch tongues and kiss while I cup and fondle her breasts.


She climbs off, and starts to lick my balls again, now its in for more BJ, this goes on a minute or two, she then gets into the 69 position and we just pleasure each other for the next 5 mins.


She changes position, she gets back on for some more cowgirl, more kissing and more fondling.


We go for the doggie position, now I find this position is either good or bad, just depends on the girl. With this girl, it is good, very good infact, as I’m thrusting into her, she is reversing onto me with a little force, that after a couple of minutes I’m ready to come. I could have come there and then, but I wanted to experience some more of that BJ, so make an excuse that my leg has started hurting.


I lay on my back, she sets up position kneeling between my legs, little mok is in her mouth, she is looking at me as I’m watching her. After about 2 mins she has brought me back to where I was with the doggie, almost to the point of no return, then over the top.

She cleans me up and we finish off by having a little chat.


As far as punts go this could have gone so wrong but in the end turned out so right and all for $160.




Claudia (LFG)


Age late 20’s


Height 5’6"


Hair Long dark


Body/boobs 8/small B


Pussy Shaven



Would I see her again? Absolutely




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